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hello.I had my first scan on friday and the woman told me i had a fetus of 5/6 weeks with no heartbeat!,she was very blunt and not at all comforting.she said it doesnt look good and have to attend my next scan a week later to check for heartbeat and if its not found i can take tablets to remove it!!,im devastated and confused as she really didnt give me any information and was very negative.is there any chance my dates could be wrong?,is there always a heartbeat at 5/6 weeks?,what happens if there is still no heartbeat in a week???
please help,thanx scarlet xxx
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That's horrible!  I'm so sorry your going through this.  Do you know if the baby seemed small for what you thought your due date was?  at 6 weeks is when the heart beat can be seen with an ultrasound (That's what I read at many week-by-week pregnancy calendars).  Do you feel like your still pregnant?  I say try and stay calm for the week then wait and see.  

It's very possible your dates could be wrong.  If you know when you last ovulated then chances are your dates are correct or at least close.  Have they done any blood work to see how your numbers are doing?

Good luck at the next ultrasound, hopefully everything will be ok!
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I'm sorry for what your going through. It could be possible that your dates are off, and it's not unusual to not see a heartbeat that early. I was also going to ask about b/w, do you know what your levels are? I know it's hard, but at this point all you can do is wait for your next scan. Sending you prayers.

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thank you for your support.when i went to see the midwive she said i was 8 weeks,i thought i was only 4weeks but i went with what she said and had my scan which felt like it was too early,feel like its all been a bit rushed.i still fell pregnant,my breasts are still very sore,im getting up in the night bursting to use the toilet and im tired.
Im going to stay very positive and try not to worry,just read on this site i can have a hcg test and another scan,just wish id have been told at the hospital these options as ive been so worried.Thanks again x
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what ever happened ? i went the other day for a u/s they said im 6 weeks and they saw the sac and the baby but there was no heartbeat so i have to go back in 2 weeks, idk if thats normal? could it be too soon to see the heartbeat? im very worried this is my first pregnancy.
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It might be too soon for you.  I think pregnancies are different for everyone, and so even though a heartbeat can be seen at 6 weeks, it doesn't mean that it will for every single woman.  Hopefully when you go for your next scan you will see your little ones heart beating away!   Good luck.
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thanks alot. i got to see and hear the babies heartbeat, it was amazing and such a relief. turns out my last scan i was only about 4 weeks the doc was wrong so thats why we didnt see much.. but this scan i was about 6.5 weeks he said and everything looked great!
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