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miscarage after iud removal

Hi Everyone,
This is my first time posting on here. I just experiened my first m\c, and came looking to the internet when things were going wrong. This site has been so helpful and I wanted to say sorry to everyone feeling the same pain and loss that I to am feeling. My question is.. I had the copper paraguard iud for 4.5 years. I have two boys and longed soo bad for a girl. I had my iud removed Aug. 8 and got pregnant immediately. I tested positive on the 30th. I was so happy. On the 14th I started spotting no pain but doc tested hcg again still low, 4 days later it's all over. Do you think it i lost it because I got preg. right away??? I feel as though I need to know why.. I know that their isn't any answer but should i blame myself for getting preg. right away. Now I'm afraid this will happen if I become preg. again. This was a horrible experience and I never want to do it again. I thankfully was very early and my heart sinks for others that are further along.   Thanks.
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I'm not sure what cause my miscarriage yet.  I started with little brown discharge and then a little bit of blood.  I even went to the hospital and they told me that everything looked fine, that my cervix was closed and I got to see the baby's heartbeat.  That was on Sept. 8.  Then a week later, I started my period.  It got heavier with the bleeding, clotting some, and some sticky tissue.  I also started cramping really badly in the abdominal and my lower back.  This past Friday, Sept. 18, I passed the sack.  I was only 6.5-7 weeks pregnant.  I miscarried even though the doctors told me everything looked fine, but some things are inevitable.  This was my first baby.  My husband and I were very excited.  It is hard to go through something like this.  I wouldn't be scared to try again just yet, but be thankful that you have your two boys still. I would wait a couple of months, but still keep trying.  Don't give up, God can do great things.  Its hard to go through something like this, trust me, I know, this is still very fresh on my mind since it happened two days ago and I am just gonna have to take it one day at a time, but if you need someone to talk to, I totally understand and am here if you just wanna chat.  Good luck in the future and let me know how it goes.  It can be scary to take that next step, but once you do, it will be worth it.
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I was 8 weeks and one day pregnant as of yesterday! I had the IUD removed in august and it is now feb 16. I had the merena IUD in for 4 years! Last night I miscarried my baby! I went for an ultra sound last week due to light spotting scant amt of brown discharge . The ultrasound showed the heart beat at 133 beat per min which was great and my cervix was still closed and the doc said everything looked good!! I have three beautiful children and have had no problems in the past with pregnancies! But after having the merena removed I read on line about the risk of miscarriages after having it out and waited to get pregnant for a couple of months! But even with precautions I still miscarried ! They say the IUD has nothing to do with it but as like many of you I think it needs to be looked at and researched more!! There are many accounts of these miscarriages after having IUDs removed! I hope Dr.s look into this so women like me can be better informed!! Im not sure if we will try again I am to scared to go through this twice!!
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I just had a miscarriage last night I removed my paragard in September and became pregnant in December two weeks after I found out I miscarried and I know it was because of the paragard the miscarriage feels the same level of horribleness as my menstrual cycle used to feel while I had paragard inserted! I wonder if I was pregnant every month and paragard made me dispose the baby, because it is the same pain! I would never recommend this to any one! We need to stop taking these drugs that are bad for our body and remain old fashion and just use condoms! My husband and I are so disappointed and I'm scared to try again!
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I was just finding this online after having 2 miscarriages after my paragard removal. I had 3 healthy babies before I had the IUD. Since this post is older has anyone of you gotten pregnant that responded earlier? I am scared to try again and want to know if there is hope or not.
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