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passing clots, cramps, and bleeding

I am 6 weeks pregnant, and I have been having cramps since before i found out i was pregnant. Yesterday at work i started to bleed and cramp slightly, this is my first pregnancy so i have no idea whats suppose to happen or if this is normal. I went the to ER, they gave me a pelvic exam, ran my blood work, and gave me ultrasound. They told me nothing but good things. My cervix was closed, the bleeding had stopped, and it wasnt a tubal pregnancy. They told me to watch to see if i pass anything that looks like tissue. The bleeding had stopped so i thought it was ok, But today i passed a few small clots and the bleeding started up again. The blood isn't a bright red anymore its more of a dark red almost burgundy. I have no idea what miscarriage tissue looks like and the thought of miscarrying makes me sick.
I'm going to call my gyno tomorrow.
Some advice or some info would just be nice.
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Keep in mind if your placenta is low you can also have bleeding caused from this as well.  My bleeding started out slow when I miscarried but it was bright red.  By the next day or so my bleeding was steady and my abdomen was tight and contracting.  I think it took up to the 3rd day for the cramps to fully set in, but I had a lower pained backache the whole time which for me was not normal.  Keep us posted definitely.
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When you have a miscarriage the blood will usually be bright red. The "tissue" will look quite a bit like that which you pass during your period...thick skin. Some women will pass something that looks grey in color.
With my last miscarriage I passed the yolk sac...you could see the baby inside of it...but I was further along than what you are now.
If they told you at the ER that everything looked good then it should be fine.
If they had said that it could be a possible miscarriage or immenant miscarriage then I would worry.
Many women bleed throughout their entire pregnancy. I normally bleed for the last trimester.
Calling and getting in to see your ob/gyn or even your regular doctor would be a good idea, even if just to put your mind at ease.

Take care
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