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period after miscarriage

I miscarried on the 27th of August at somewhere between 10 and 20 weeks with HCG of 2500, the 29th of August was the last day i had heavy bleeding, the 3rd of September was the last day i had spotting, and the 9th of September my HCGs were down to 4. I have heard that 4 weeks after your miscarriage you should start your period, and i've heard its four weeks after the last day of heavy bleeding, and ive heard that its 4 weeks after the last day of spotting, and ive heard that its 4 weeks after your levels drop to below 5, and iv heard that your levels drop to below 5 as soon as you are done bleeding, and i've heard that thats not necessarily true.... I know that most drs recommend to wait until at least after your first period, but that just didnt happen for us. So i am wondering when is it that you started your period after your miscarriage, and i'm betting its one of those things that its different for everyone, but i'm still curious. thanks!
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Hi, it took 4 weeks (starting at the day of miscarriage) for my period to start, however, I was at just over 5 weeks so not as far along as you were. What I've heard is that in general it can take 4-6 weeks for your period to show up after a miscarriage, and you are right that it can vary a lot. It also depends on how far along you were.
Are you saying you haven't gotten your period yet? Did you have regular periods before?
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No i did not have regular periods before, but i am taking meds that should regulate them...but no i have not yet gotten my period yet.
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I got my first period 6 weeks after my first m/c and that was 6 weeks  from the last day I bled.  I'm still waiting for my period after my second m/c.  And you are right, it's different for everyone.  I have heard it taking 8 weeks for some people, so who knows.  
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Hi Penelope

Our stories are quite similar only i had a d&c only 4 days before your miscarriage.  I was between 12-13 weeks when I found out and started off pre d&c at hcg of 5000.  being under 25 at least by sept 9 (probably was close to 0 at that point but i had tested it with a pregnancy test instead of a blood test as I had stopped bleeding and had been at 50 a week before)...  our after stories sound similar and similar dates.. I am still waiting for my period as well.. I suspect it was delayed due to my hcg taking a couple weeks to drop fully down..

Hopefully it will be here in the next week or two! fingers crossed

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I am sorry for both of your losses.  I naturally miscarried a little boy at 14 weeks.  It took 5 and a half weeks for my first period to arrive counting from the day I delievered him.  I know it took 4 weeks for my hcg to get down to 3.  I bled heavy week one, week two it was light and week 3 I spotted.  I ovulated at the end of week 3.

I hope that helps
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I got my period yesterday, its pretty normal like before, a little lighter than day 2 (in my old cycles) before miscarriage but definately a period...  It had been 44 days since my d&c but only 29 -31 days since my HCG returned to zero so i guess its not really that late.  
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