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pregnancy and prometrium

My obgyn prescribed me with prometrium because there was a possibilty that a hormone in my body was low. The same day he prescribed the meds, he ordered some labs and put me on bed rest and had me schedule a follow up in a week. I got the medicine filled at the pharmacy but wasn't exactly comfortable with taking them because my doctor informed me that prometrium is not fda approved. I decided not to take the medication. When I returned to the doctor a week later, he said that my hormone level came back at 12.4 and informed me that that is extremely low. He said that my body would have had to have produced more of the hormone otherwise I would have already miscarried. (Before the appointment with him, I had an ultrasound done that confirmed everything was normal.) He ordered more labs to  make sure that the hormone levels are where they need to be and asked me to schedule a follow up in a week. After this appointment, I decided to take the pills being that the first labs that were done determined that the hormone level was low.

My question is I am almost 14 weeks pregnant and was wondering if these pills can cause harm to the baby? how effective are these pills at preventing miscarriage? Am I still in the red zone for miscarriage even though I am practically in the second trimester of my pregnancy?
Somebody please help because I am really concerned about what could happen.
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Prometrium, a progesterone supplement, is sometimes prescribed during the first trimester of pregnancy in women who have had a history of miscarriages caused by low progesterone levels. The addition of prometruim during pregnancy helps ensure that the women will carry the fetus to full-term. It works by helping ensure that a placenta is fully formed thus providing the necessary lifeline for the developing fetus.

For those women who have a history of miscarriages prometrium and pregnancy usually go together. The attending physician will usually prescribe the hormone replacement drug in either an oral form or in vaginal suppository. Women who take the oral form sometimes report nausea and/or dizziness as a side effect. Those taking it as a suppository do not seem affected in the same manner. However, there appear to be few, if any, complications for the unborn baby.

Some women taking prometrium during pregnancy worry that they might miss a miscarriage. In other words, prometrium might cause a naturally occurring miscarriage to not take place as in the case of a malformed fetus. In this situation, prometrium will not prevent the miscarriage. Prometrium works only to "hold" the pregnancy if it is a healthy, normal pregnancy to start with. Nature will take its course if the fetus is not viable and prometrium will not interfere with this process.

I found this on the Internet also you can have a miscarriage at any stage of your pregnancy, the fact that your in your second trimester doesn't nessiserily mean anything but it just means your chances go down slightly but if you are already at an increased risk then your not out of the red zone,  hope everything goes ok for u xxx
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The placenta takes over progesterone production at 10-12 weeks.   Your risk for miscarriage goes down at that point and when you hear the babys heartbeat.  I took progesterone in all three of my pregnancies with no problems.  Good luck.
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