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pregnant after mc

My husband and I had been TTC for almost a year.  We finally found out we were pregnant and we were very excited.  At 8 weeks and 4 days I mc on September 14th.  After I mc I bledd for about 17 days.  I haven't had a cycle yet and the doctor just keeps telling me to wait it out.  I had spotting Nov 17- the 19 but only when I went to the bathroom.  I spotted again Dec 8 and today.  Please help I don't know what to do, am very frustrated, and we just want to have a healthy beautiful baby.
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I really think you should get a second opinion.  It doesn't seem right that your Dr is ok with you not having a real period for almost 3 months.  Were you regular before the m/c?

I am very sorry for you loss.  It's a diffcult enough time as it is w/out having to have the complications afterwords.
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For the last four months before I was regular.  I am really trying not to let this get to me but I have no where else to turn.  
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Well, although we really can't give you any medical advice, just our opinions.  I think that you have turned to a fantastic forum.  All of the women here are so supportive and understand the pain that you are going through.  Is it an option to get a 2nd opinion?  I know that it can be hard with HMO's and such . . .  I wish you the very best and please feel free to post anytime.  Many HUGS and I am sorry that you are feeling so bad.
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I am so sorry for your loss....i know how you feel because i went through the same up and down roller coster of " am i m/c or not??". I DO know however, that your symptoms sound differnent then mine. I really thinkn you need to get a blood test. They are very accurate and they will let you know your hcg level and let you know if in fact you may not have mc. Like others commented you CAN get your cycle for the first couple of months- its not really your period but it just mimics it. I know that when my mom was actually pregnant (at around 12 weeks) i kicked and artery and made her bleed so much she thought she would pass out. She knew for sure she had lost me- only to go in the next day and see that i was healthy and alive. So, i dont want to get your hopes up if infact you did mc but i think you should get a blood test. Remeber 1st time pregnancies commonly end in a mc because it is a "shock" to the body and they dont know what to do with the baby. After your first statistically you should be okay and ready to have a healthy baby :D. God bless and keep me posted!
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When I went to the ER almost 4 months ago I had actually mc.  I know that my doctor was also keeping track of my levels just in case a d&c was needed.  It was not however.  I passed everything and my levels are back to zero. I am concerned due to the fact that I still have not had a cycle since only spotting here and there. My doctor just keeps telling me to wait it out and the more she says that the more frustrated I get.
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I am sorry for the frustration.  I would talk to my dr about taking something just to start your cycle.  There are so many different things that can get your cycle started.  I would just call and discuss my options.  If you are unhappy with his recommendation, call another ob/gyn to discuss.  Take care, and I hope things get better soon.  Do you have any idea whether or not you are ovulating?
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I agree with mapes, It took me 7 and a half weeks to finally get mine again...but they said by 8 weeks if there was no sign of AF that they would give me something to start it.  It doesn't seem fair that you have to go through a m/c, and now how additional weeks to wait to get AF so you can start ttc again.  
Also, you can call other dr.s and just get their opinion on what they would do if you were a patient...
Best of luck!
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Called the doctor today and asked her what my options were and she let me know that I needed to go in and take a clinical preg test, then they would put me on something to get things going for me.  But I think I will get another doctor for the next one.
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Just wanted to let you know I'm sorry for your loss. I also waited a very long time for AF to come back after my m/c in August, it took 14 weeks to come back. I thought for sure I was pregnant again, unfortunately, I was not and we are ttc again. I think getting a blood test is a good idea, it helps put your mind at ease, one way or another. Good luck to you :) Let us know how your blood work turns out :)
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So I went to the doctor today and she did a pregnancy test to make sure I wasn't pg.  She put me on medroxyprogesterone to get me started.  I am really not sure this does so if anyone has any info I would appreciate it.
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I'm really happy to hear you went to the dr, now hopefully things get started so you can TTC again.  I'm sorry but I don't know anything about what she put you on.  Have you tried to google it?
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Yeah I guess it is a mix of hormones.  It is supposed to help regulate your cycle, but a lot of other women were put on bc also.  So I am not sure I guess we will wait and find out.
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