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repeated miscarriage

So I've had one successful pregnancy at a very young age. My daughter is 4 years old now.

Just last year me and my husband were trying, and we were successful with getting pregnant, however a miscarriage came about 8 weeks into the pregnancy. Well 4 months later we managed again, however another miscarriage followed about 6 weeks. But we didn't let it get to us really. My doctor encourage us to keep trying that sometimes it's just bad luck. Well then 2 months after the I was again, however another miscarraige followed this one at 8 weeks again.

At this point I feel like there is no hope. Something must be wrong with me. I wonder what is the cause of it. Doctors make excuses to make you feel better, to not blame yourself. But something must be my fault. My body or the conditions i'm in at least. I thought i was normal and healthy, that something like this would never happen to me. Even after the first miscarriage, I said it's ok, it's just once. I'm sure i am still ok.
However, I no longer feel that way. I know something is definitely wrong with me. And to be honest, those doctor check ups are not answering anything. Is it stress, my body, my fault, the things I do ? what ? i just don't know. it hurts to not have an answer. it's been about a month and a half since the 3rd one. I just can't seem to get over this factor. I try to not let stress get to me. But it seems that nothing is helping. My doctor tells me this and that. but i'm lost and not over this fact. what should i do, give up ? I mean there is nothing more to do, but give up rather than go through another painful experience.

because that's how i feel.
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I can relate to everyone on here and trust me I feel your pain. I had my first miscarriage back in Aug '05. I was about 11 weeks and 5 days along in my pregnancy. I ended up having a D&C I was devastated. It was really hard attending my cousin's babyshower in Dec '05. I had to leave to keep from crying in front of everyone. I think not knowing the cause of the miscarriage is what was upsetting. The doctor said to wait at least 6 months before I try again, I waited even longer. Two days after Christmas in '06 I found out I was pregnant even before I missed my period. A few weeks later, I started spotting. The doctor had me get an ultrasound. Thank God everything was fine. Sept. 4th 2007 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

The goal was to wait until my son was 3 years old before we tried for another baby. I learned I was pregnant for the third time on February 2009. I was dealing with a extra hyper 17 month old son, but I wasn't working at the time, so I was able to still get enough rest.

On Thursday, April 16 I started spotting. I had just turned 11 weeks. The next day I called to schedule an appt with  my doc. She checked for the heartbeat with the doppler. There was none. She called the hospital that they were affiliated with to get me an appt for an ultrasound, but they did not have any availability until May 11 (I don't understand that at all). They checked my HCG levels.

Later that day, I ended up just going to the er. Thatnk God my mom is an RN who works in the er at the hospital. She had them pull me to the back immediately. I was not cramping, but I had experienced the spotting with the first pregnancy and had miscarried. An ultrasound showed no heartbeat and the baby was measuring as a 6 or 7 week fetus. I knew that couldn't be good. This information was given to me by the tech who performed the ultrasound.

When my mom and the doctor spoke to me the doc said it could just be the baby is devloping slowly. I knew better. My mom said the devastated look on my face almost had the doctor in tears and they see cases like mine all the time. He wanted me to see my doc on Mon to check my hormone levels again. When I went to the doc on Mon my doc was on vacation so I saw another doc who told me I miscarried and gave me signs to watch out for. The next day which was the 21st. I passed a huge clot that morning. Later that night, I passed another huge clot. Then I went back to spotting. Late Wednesday night early Thursday morning. I was in the worse pain ever. My labor pains did not feel that intense. I was passing hude clots and I passed the sac that the baby was in. I have gone back to spotting and little clots here and there. I went to the doc on Friday to see if I may need a d&c. She said they will continue to monitor my hormone levels and if they don't I may need a d&c. I also learned I have a UTI.

I didn't mean to type so much. It's just reading through the different posts has really helped me out alot. The day after I left the ER, that morning I was on the internet and found this site. Reading through the posts and the encouragement has really helped. I got on my knees and prayed to give me the strength to get through it. I made my peace and I let it go. I was determined to accept whatever the outcome and I did. I know that God doesn't make mistakes and when it is time to have another baby, I will. Even though the doc said wait at least 6 months to give my body time to heal
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I know how it feels.. I have had 2 etopics, 1 molar pregnacy, and 6 miscarrages, I have no kids and I am 39 years old... I have had tests done and a laperscopy done.. I was diagnosed with a bicornate uterus with no septum... the drs have tried progstrone pilss orally when I was pregnant.. I have been told now that the only possible chances of carring is having a ivf done or surgery to correct the uterus.. I really want to say no one is alone with losses or trying to have a child.. I hope the best for you and r hubby and any other ladies out there that are having issues and complications on ttc
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I am sorry for your losses ladies:(
I also had two m/c in 7mths, with no answers, one @8wks and 2nd @9wks5days.
I have had all the test done as this was my 3rd, in cluding karytypo for chromozones both me and dh, all normal.
I am at ends wit, and now have been doing reserch and have decided to try the baby asprin, it says for clotting disorder, which i do not have, but have read lots of storys from ladys with recurring m/c and gone on to successful pregnancy term with asprin.

So im thinking it cant hurt, I do know how every with my first m/c there were to sacs and one was blood filled, the dr said maybe vanishing twin?

But i was thinking if filled with blood, maybe clotting?

But anyway, ill try the asprin and keep my fingers xxx im currently cd4.

Good Luck all....Baby Dust!!
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I'm sorry for your losses. I agree with smr08. I think it's time to find a new dr. I personally have had 6 m/cs but because I was young my dr didn't act on anything and I got no answers. I hate to say this but sometimes we may never find out why we suffer our losses. I believe for me in my heart mine last yr were brought on due to undiagnosed urinary tract infections my other 2 which were both 2nd trimester m/cs I still don't know to this day what went wrong. I hope you find your answers and again I agree with Smr08 don't give up. Keep your chin up it will happen for you again. Having a miscarriage is such a painful and very traumatic thing and when we suffer more than one it's just a nightmare. When it keeps happening we feel like we are being punished for something. It gets easier as everyday goes by. This is a great start this is a very supportive forum. We have been in your shoes. I'm here if you need to talk. Best wishes to you and good luck. I hope you feel better soon.....

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I'm sorry for your losses. Most Dr.'s will do some testing after 3 m/c in a row, have you asked your Dr.? I had a m/c and then an ectopic and when I asked my Dr. he said if I was to have another loss they would test, I did get pregnant soon after the ectopic and went on to have a healthy baby. I would try talking to him/her and if you feel like your getting no where it may be time to start looking for another Dr. Don't give up, I wish you the best, keep me posted.
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