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I miscarried again...
I don't know whats wrong with me :/
This is the third time and I can't help but cry...
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I'm so sorry. Just be strong. Someday I'm sure u will have a beautiful child
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There is nothing wrong with you. Miscarriages are common in my family & ill share with you what my mom told me. Our baby chooses us, not we it. When the time is right for that child, he/she will be born to you. Giving up or getting yourself down is not an option. Stay strong momma :)
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I am sorry to hear n I no its painful when I miscarried my doc told sometimes when we miss carry its bc there was a defect with they baby n our bodies no it so it stick and my mom said they same as cupcakes mom the baby chooses us not the other way around
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I had 5 miscarriages plus an ectopic before we had our daughter and then had a miscarriage between our daughter and our son that was born on Tuesday. Don't give up. Have the doctors do some blood tests to see if there is anything that you may have that is causing miscarriages. I had to take folic acid,  baby aspirin, fish oil, prenatals and some other prescriptions in order to carry to a viable age. Maybe try this and it may helo you as well.
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I'm so sorry to hear that</3 bless you, you are very strong. Do not think there's something wrong with you, miscarriages are very common. Some day you will have a beautiful child & it will be such a precious gift after what you've been through. I hope all goes well & that you're ohkay
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I'm so sorry. I am going through my first miscarrage now and its so sad and difficult. I'm so sorry for your loss
have you been to the doctor? Are your hormon levels normal?
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I am so sorry for your loss.  It's so heart breaking and I really feel for you having to experience this a 3rd time. I had 2 miscarriages last year ( Have no children) and it does break ur spirit as well as ur heart.

Miscarriages can happen more than 3 times and it can just be seriously bad luck, however in my eyes after 3 it's really time to start getting tests done, as there could easily be a problem, and if so, this can be treated. Most people get the all clear, but some people are told there is an issue with there blood clotting or progestrone levels - this is so easily treated with tablets and may help prevent more miscarriages.

I just had some testing done and looks like i have a mild case of Lupus
( blood clotting disorder) this is normally treated with asprin ( 1 a day) or herpin injection. There was also a minor infection so I am also taking some medication to clear this up.

If ur getting testing done I would highly recomend the tests for blood clotting and get ur progestrone levels checked. I would also get a few tests to rule out some vaginal infections too. Another one which should be fairly cheap is the full blood count. This checks ur thyriod levels and to ensure ur iron levels, calcuim b12 etc is all normal.

I lost my last pregnany to Triploidy 69, so this was not linked to the blood clotting issue , the baby just had too many chromsomes ( 69 instead of the normal 46) i lost my baby at 9 week and 4 days.

It's so hard to be positive when this keeps happening and people say u will be ok and to change ur though process, but that's really hard when ur heart is broken and with each miscarriage it's harder to pick urself up too.

I am not sure what the future holds for u and I. Hopefully we will be blessed with children, we have to get all the testing we can get, leave no stone unturned, that's just my opinion. The testing keeps me strong and it keeps me going. With each test and each result, I can mark it off my list. I have had all the main testing, but there are still a few left that I can do. Some women hate the testing, but for some it keeps me going.

So far I have had:
Vaginal Scan
Folicle count
Progestrone test
Test for Infections
Full Blood Count
Blood clotting

I know people who had 3 and more miscarriages with all clear testing that had miscarriages, just because u had 3 doesn't mean there is a problem. I know a few people who had 3 in a row, and there is a girl at my work who had 4 in a row before having her 1st child. It's so sad, but it happens. People just assume that u have a problem if u have 3 in a row, but that's not always the case.

Please try and keep strong, I know it's really hard, I know u feel scared, angry and heart broken now and u will do for a while, well it never goes away, but u have to somehow learn to cope, and in time u will slowly heal, but sadly we can never forget the pain and the sleepness nights it causes us.

I am trying to be strong now. I am doing the best i can do and that's all u can ask of urself.

Wishing u lots of luck and happiness in ur future and be kind to urself.

Rachel x

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