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water bag gush in 16w and will it affect to future pregnancy?

I had a sudden gush in water bag on 16th week pregnancy.I admitted hospital suddenly and docter told us sac is totally gone but baby alive.Then he asked me to bed rest.After two days My CRP value in blood was increased and doc asked me to terminate my pregnancy.It was a very sad moment in my life.He told me he didn't see any issue with my pregnancy.Its still unclear what happened. My questions are why it's happened in medically? What's the medical definition for that? What is the risk of getting pregnant in future? I am afraid that it will happen me again in future?
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Ah, so very very sorry.  Second trimester miscarriages are so very painful emotionally!  The term for this is PPROM.  It's not always clear why it happens but one reason may be an infection of the membranes.  Smoking is a risk factor for this as is having an std. They may also want to check your cervix.  You weren't far enough along for this to usually be the case but it still should be checked, if you had an incompetent cervix which can thin and then membranes rupture.  So, I'd talk to your doctor more about this.  I am hoping they will give you the news that this is a one time scenario.  I do know a friend that this happened to who had another baby not long after that went full term.  So, hang in there.  hugs
Thanks @specialmom. I want to come out of this pain.I am still thinking my baby is with me. Dr sent my biopsy and placenta to lab for testing.I don't know whether this happened from infection.But I did use public toilets for couple of times.thats may be reason. bit when I Google PPROM it's always mentioning that has high possibility to recur.Is that true? My Dr told me PPROM is happening after 24 weeks.
Public toilets wouldn't give your placenta an infection. There was bacteria involved but not that way. This just happens and not by things like public restrooms. The analysis will help and you can talk to your doctor then. I'm again very sorry for your loss.
Yes.thts true.I am waiting for report.why Google threads always telling that PPROM is highly possibility to recur?
I don't know.  We must always keep the faith.  What did the report say?
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