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whats going on???

9 weeks ago my doctor doctor told me that i was going to have a miscarriage, she said that my baby stopped growing at 6/7 weeks and there was no heartbeat. i was sent home to miscarry naturally...its 9 weeks later and i still didnt bleed at all... i would have been about 15 weeks now...., im really confused, how long does it take to miscarry naturally? or is there a possibility that i am still pregnant.... the keeps on saying that i should just wait to start bleedeing......

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over in u.k. if the doctor cant find fetal heartbeat we are induced into labour, it shouldnt take that long, can you feel any movement. go back to the doctors
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that happened to me and i started misscaring  3 weeks after, 9 weeks its allot,  i think you might still be pregnant, you should go to another Dr and get an ultrasound.

why did she tell you that your baby had stopped developing, how far along where you and was that your first ultrasound?

i had an ultrasound at 6 weeks 5 days and there was no fetal pole or heartbeat and im currently 22 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl.

if they did not did another ultrasound after that one about 1-2 weeks after she is really incompentent and you should really find another dr, also they should have cheked if your HCG levels where increasing.
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dont get a D/C withought them confirming with another ultrasound, i have heard of allot of people that where told that and requested an ultrasound just before their D/C and there babies where actually alive and growing well, and if they havent requested those ultrasounds they would have killed their babies.

if that was your only ultrasound there is no way she could have told you that, if thats the case get another dr and another ulrasound ASAP cause your baby might still be alive.
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I would advise you to see another doctor.  It is not advisable to wait this long for the body to deal with this on it's on due to a risk of infection or other complications.  If indeed the baby had stopped growing then medical intervention is needed in the form of a D&C.  Do you still feel pregnant, are you having symptoms?  I would definitely request another ultrasound to confirm whether what the other Dr said is true, if it is then a D&C is needed.  I really hope your Doc was wrong.
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i am going through the same thing it could be that your body hasnt notice the fetus stopped growing i am schedule for a d&c on wednesday my baby stopped developing at 8 weeks 3 days and i would have been 13 weeks 3 days today and i havent had any bleedind,spotting or cramping my uterus is still full of liquid my body just hasnt notice the baby stooped growing so that may very well be what you are going through please request another ultrasound just to confirm
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thank you for the comments,

my doctor only did 1 ultrasound and said that that the baby wasnt developing and it was 6 weeks wit no heartbeat, she sent me home to start bleeding, i really pray that notings wrong, its been a very long wait.

i have no bleeding and i was due for my period lastweek so i taught i would have started bleeding then...
i just dont understand how some doctors dont care about me or my baby, im suppose to be about 15/16  weeks

i feel normal and my clothing are gone very small, im scared that what  happened to prettygirl might be happening to me. can it seriosly take over 9 wweeks to start bleeding?

i am going to do another ultrasound.

thank you, please pray for me.
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Okay I'll be in my prayers but PLEASE get another ultrasound to be sure so you can get your body back to normal soon as possible I hope everything works out in your favor
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i really think you might still be pregnant, they can not diagnosed that with just on ultrasound, they have to do more ultrasounds to see if the baby has developed more, also if that was your first ultrasound you could have been really 6 weeks, i got an ultrasound when i should have been 8 weeks from LMP and my gestational sac was measuring  6 weeks 5 days and there was no fetal pole or heartbeat, and i was really scared cause i was also spotting, 2 weeks later i had another ultrasound and i saw my baby moving around measuring 8 weeks 2 days and i saw and heard her heartbeat.

i would advise you to go to another Dr and request another ultrasound and never to go back to your current Dr. cause she was diagnosing a misscariage to soon withought even cheking if your HCG levels where increasing or doing a follow up ultrasound, wich they have to do to make an actual diagnosis, she does not care of you and your baby.

i Hope you go to another Dr and get another ultrasound and get to see your baby healthy and growing well.

please keep me updated


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you where 6 weeks with no heart beat,  i was 6 weeks 5 days with no heartbeat and my baby is fine, i really really think your baby its still growing. theres allot of people in here that at 6 weeks had no heartbeat and turned out fine, i know i did.  if you whant theres  a site of this same thing, its called misdiagnosed misscariage, theres allot of stories there where doctors diagnosed miscarriages, blinded ovums etc to later find out there babies where ok. my story its actually there in the misdiagnosed area, its called 6 weeks 5 days no fetal pole.

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oh love please dont have a d n c without having another scan, i feel that they got it wrong with me now i'll never know trus me u dont wanna feel the hurt of regret, reading all this is taking me back to were i was 3 weeks ago almost... im feeling so guilty as to what if they got mine wrong as i had no syntoms also... wish u all the very best of luck. xxxxtam
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Dont blame yourself, doctors are sometimes really pushy and quik to diagnose this kind of stuff, they are really insensitive,  i know it must be really sad i had two misscariages before this pregnancy and it was really tough on me and i felt that nobody understood me and where actually being really insensitive, but soon your gonna have a healthy baby that will love you and be by your side forever.
good luck ;)
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So did you do another scan? Are you ok? Keep us posted.
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hope everything is ok with your baby,keep us updated... best of luck x x x
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Hey i'm suppose to be about 7 weeks. the doctors at ob just tested my blood july 1st. july 5th in the morning i had some vaginal bleeding which they called spotting at first it was bright red now after having a pelvic exam and an untrasound threw my uterus its brown not alot just when i wipe it looks like its dirty brown or very old which is what the nurse in the ER said anyways my concern is when they did the ultra sound they said they didn't see anything my hcg has doubled and the DOCTOR said it may be to early to see the fetus they keeped saying they didn't see the fetus? can someone help me i'm scared this is my first pregnancy... and i dont know much about anything . thank you mimi
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i wud advice you to get ur hcg levels checked with an ultrasound... it happened to me too i was 9 weeks with no heatbeat and a very small fetal pole.... so i wanted to wait... but like u i didnt have any bleeding or even spotting.... so ultimately at 11 weeks i got my d and c done.... but in my case my hcg was fallin too.... generally u start to bleed when ur hcg goes low and ur body detects that....all the best hope all is well with u and ur baby is fine!!!
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