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Have you had trouble losing weight after your pregnancy?

Everyone's body is different after birth.  Some of us can lose our weight quickly with no effort and for some of us it takes some extra effort and we don't always have the time to do it with a  newborn.
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I think dealing with time and dealing with the exhaustion from lack of sleep is the challenge I always have.  I usually do not have maternity leave so I jump right back into work.  Finding 20-30 minutes to exercise also can be difficult when you are a breastfeeder and the only one that can feed your child is you.  What other challenges do you find that you encounter?
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dealing with time and being exhausted is definitely a big issue. i didn't get back into shape until at least 6-9 months after my first pregnancy. that was probably due to my lack of wanting to get back into shape (laziness?!) or the fact that i had a c-section and really wanted to make sure i recover fully. this is my second time around and i'll probably have another c-section scheduled, but the fact that i've been pretty active during this pregnancy, i'm really hoping i can jump right back into my exercise routine again after the baby. of course, with the green light from my doctor. i have no idea what or how i will feel once after the baby, but i sure hope i can muster enough energy and time for a little exercise. i am very determine to get back into shape as soon as possible.
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I am with you there, I want to get right on the bandwagon as soon as I can.  I usually give myself up to 6 weeks to get my strength back up, but going to try even sooner if my bleeding stops early.  Being tired is the hardest thing to combat indeed.  Glad you are here with us we can give each other support :D
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