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How much weight did you gain during your pregnancy?

Tell us what pre-pregnancy weight you started at and what you ended up gaining throughout your pregnancy.  What is your target weight-loss?
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Hi my pre pregnancy weight was 82kgs (180lbs).

Ended up being 85kgs (187lbs) at birth and

Current weight is 76.5 Kgs (168.3lbs)

would like to be around 65kgs (143lbs)
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I usually have about 30-35lbs to lose.  I start out about 135-137 being my normal weight and then end up 165-168 pregnancy weight.
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Forgot to ask did you breastfeed or no during your pregnancy?
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Pre-pregnancy weight: 173 lbs

Gained: 40 lbs

Current weight: 176 lbs

Would like to be: somewhere between 150-160 lbs

and am not breast feeding.
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I think this is a great format to see where we want to be and where we were, love this!
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prepregnancy 146
appt before burth 184
today 169
goal 135

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Yay logigirl!!!!  I am so glad to see you on here :)

I have to get back to 135 too, but still have about 4-6 weeks till birth.

Are you able to find time to exercise?  When they are fresh out of the canal for about 3 months I sware its hard to even get time to shower.
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