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Mpox from escort

I was planning a date with an escort she will not get naked but might be in thin clothes touching will be very minimal (also with gloves) and I might only kiss and touch her hands feet and legs. There will be no fluid exchange nor intercorse . If she had mpox will I know? Will I get infected If she had mpox? I am not scared of Mpox I am scared of infecting family member such as children with mastocytosis or older people
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Mpox is not only transmitted by touching, but is also transmitted by respiratory droplets. If the children in your life are immunocompromised, wearing a mask would help.

Have you googled symptoms of mpox? You can avoid contact with anyone who has a rash, but people are contagious 1-4 days prior to symptoms.

Honestly, I'm not sure why you've latched onto mpox. I don't know what the incidence rates are where you are, but there are no current outbreaks that I can find anywhere globally.

If the children are immunocompromised, there are other things I'd worry about more than mpox - the flu, covid, etc.
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I think I have latched onto mpox because I am sure that my date will be zero risk for stds and can’t find anything to latch on. Also I have googled mpox to death recently and also can’t find any cases in the place I am in but this scares me cuz I feel the country I am in are under reporting but this is probably my imagination. So you are saying that MPox should be the least of my worries specially that I can get it from other encounters like the gym or if I had a massage
Also the children I am talking about got the flu and covid and it was very mild. I am not sure if mastocytosis is considered an immuncompromised.
Yes, as you describe it, your date will be zero risk for STDs.

I don't know that anywhere is tracking mpox - the US isn't anymore and I couldn't find any current numbers on the WHO site, either. Outside of The Democratic Republic of the Congo, there hasn't been an outbreak since 2022, and I can't find much on the current status of the Congo outbreak that started in 2023.

Generally, 99% of people survive mpox. Even if there are cases where you are, unless you are in the Congo, it probably will be self-limiting and you'll have no long term issues.

As far as mastocytosis, I'm no expert, but it seems that the condition itself is not immunocompromising, but treatments for it can be.

So yes, the point is that I wouldn't worry about mpox. If I had this date, I wouldn't touch her if she had a rash (that's just a good life rule, really), and if she seems ill in any way, just say no and leave. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry any more than I would for anyone else.

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