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Dizzy, nauseous lexapro withdrawal?

I have been taking lexapro 10mg for 8 months for postpartum anxiety and depression. After 6 months of talk therapy and some lifestyle changes I have felt like stopping the lexapro.  My dr. said I would not have any side effects from going cold turkey off of 10 mg.  I stopped a week ago.  I have been exhausted all week and yesterday started feeling some extreme vertigo, hot flashes and nauseousness.  I called my psychiatrist and they cannot get me in for 2 weeks.  Infuriating.  I am wondering if I should go back on 5 mg to lessen withdrawal symptoms or if it is almost of of my body since it have been a week? How long typically will withdrawal last? Anything I can do to lessen symptoms?
Thank you.
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Sorry to hear of your experiences. Let me answer the urgent question quickly - I would go back to 5 mg a day. Some people are very sensitive to discontinuation and for them a gradual taper off works better.
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