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Had enough

Hi, I wonder if ANY1 can help me please. To be breif
1/ Long history of self harm and suicide attempts
2/ 3 long term relationships, 1 physical abusive, 2 of them mentally abusive
3/ I can be awake for days or asleep for days
4/ Hate to fail so wont even attempt
5/ love the extreme in sports and hobbies
6/ Have a need to know EVERYTHING about a subject so research till i drop
7/ I will sit for hours and hours going thru conversations ive had, situations ive been in, to see what I did wrong, thinking that I have offended someone
8/ I am currently taking Carbamazapine 400mg per day, i hate these as they take away my highs and im left with total miserableness and horrible negative thoughts
9/ I was on seroxate for about 15yrs, recently my Dr withdrew these and replaced them with Prozac, 2 weeks ago i picked up my perscription from chermist and the Dr has not included my Prozac
10/ I was diagnosed with bipolar and BPD around 2004, in 2008 i was informed that a diagnosis could not be found so the psychiatrist, psychologist and CPN completely closed my file and have not had anything to do with me since, I have proof that they have lied in my last careplan meeting, my case is now with the Ombudsman but has been there for nearly a yr now
I desperately need help but cannot access any from anywhere.
Is this procedure correct please
Thank you
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I can relate.  I live in NZ.  I don't think our health care systems are too dissimilar.  I'm not sure that there is any right or wrong process though.
What you could do or consider doing is:
1.  Contact your doctor and ask for a new script for prozac.
2.  Consider seeing your GP and ask them to rerefer you to the NHS.  Self-refer if this is easier or more effective.  
3.  Ask to change treatment teams or relocate.  Access different services.  Go private.
4.  Follow up on your complaint.  Consumers are often initially only referred to advocacy.

All the usual options of accessing help still exist.
Hospital, out-patient facility, crisis mh teams, etc.

Accessing support can be difficult and challenging.  I think that talking with the people you need to be (GP, psych services, etc) is the most important.
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