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Should I go back to Lexapro?

My doc gave me samples of Lexapro and I took 10 mg for two days before the nasty side effects occured - extreme sleepiness, I felt drowsy, disoriented, sick to my stomach, and had a skin rash on my face. I was also taking Klonopin 1mg/day and I wonder if those two drugs just potentiated their effects and that's what happened. He's a GP and I don't think he knows that much about treating panic disorder with depression brought on by chronic pain.

I liked the way Lexapro made me feel the first day  - calm, relaxed, no anxiety, I felt more outgoing.  

Should the Lexapro be taken by itself?  If it's anxiolytic then I wouldn't need Klonopin as well, correct?

Please Doctor F. advise.

Thank you!!!
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I don't know about the rash. It suggests that perhaps you should have started with a lower dose of Lexapro and worked up. The drowsiness could be due to the combination of medications you were taking. the nausea was probably just the Lexapro.

In summary, if you try it again I would start with a much lower dose... which will mean using a pill splitter.
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