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Xanax and seizures?

I'm 22/female.

I've had many health problems for several yrs. I really think most of my problems are neurological and caused me to develop anxiety attacks, but I don't know. I just know that a lot of my problems started BEFORE I ever began having issues with anxiety.

My main problems are as follows:
EXCRUCIATING pain on the back-right of my head 24/7. It feels like someone jabbed a knife through my skull.
Poor balance (I can't stand still because I sway)
Awful memory
Trouble remembering words
Smelling burnt smells at times
Involuntarily biting my tongue when I'm about to nod off to sleep
Going into a dreamlike state when I close my eyes.I start envisioning choppy, dreamlike scenarios, but I know they're not dreams because I'm half awake and JUST closed my eyes
Inability to concentrate
Urinating every 40ish minutes
Episodes where I feel on the verge of losing consciousness
Gagging fits
24/7 pressure/pain in the center of my chest
And yes, panic attacks when I go in public, but they don't happen all of the time and sometimes even happen when I'm in bed at home, so I don't know if they're even panic attacks.

On Tues, I went to a dr & gave her a list of my symptoms. She said it was anxiety and wrote a prescription for Xanax before even discussing any of the other problems. I told her I was concerned I had a brain tumor, & she laughed at me. I told her so much of this was happening long before I started having panic episodes, & she just said "okay."

I was going to try the Xanax to see if it at least helped me not be in a constant state of worry, but then I read that it can cause seizures in those who are already prone to them. I've read that a lot of my problems can actually be types of seizures like the smelling burnt smells, biting my tongue in my sleep, and dreamlike state when I close my eyes. So I'm afraid to take it because I'm afraid it'll trigger a really bad seizure that will kill me or something.

Is Xanax really a seizure risk?
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The risk is with withdrawal or discontinuation.

Many of the symptoms you describe could be anxiety. And in terms of treatment having anxiety caused by neurological symptoms is treated the same as having anxiety caused by other things, or with no cause at all.

I wonder if you might want to consider seeing a different doctor. You need to feel that you have a partnership with your doctor as you try to figure out what to do and how to find a path to health.
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