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Is adderall safe to take for MS and Fibromyalgia fatique.
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CNS stimulants are just as safe in MS patients as they are in other patients, but also remember that they are controlled substances and many of us use it as a treatment of last resort.

I think I speak for the community when I say that we all appreciate the comments made by other members of the community, as above.
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I have MS and my neurologist said that that was a choice for fatigue. She said ther were several choices we could try though. She choose to try me on Provigil, for me it was an excellent choice as it has made a huge difference. Some days when I am staying home with nothing to do or planned I won't take it and I sure can trll the difference. I hope you find something that works for you. Good luck. I have been living with MS for ten years and have been lucky. Between taking AVonex and Provigil my relapses are very few and far between. and also not severe.  tjbj
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Thank you for your responses!  
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I have been using Adderall for quite awhile for Narcolepsy.  It works great.  However, all of the sudden my blood pressure started to go up.  I am not sure if the long term use of Adderall is the reason, but while investgating information, I found out that Canada does not allow the use of Adderall because of side effects.  I just switched to Concerta today. I'll let you know of my results if you wish.  karen
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Was it hard to get off Adderall?  I heard it is like crack cocaine in terms of addiction.

I have been considering Adderall because of my extreme fatigue and my inability to tolerate Provigil for more than about one day per week (gives me heart symptoms - chest fullness if I take it more often).  I sure do look forward to Mondays though (that is the day of week I usually take it).  I even feel the effects of the Provigil the next day (though not nearly as strong).  Actually the Provigil fades out about 8 hours after I take it, but I sure do sleep well that night!  The next day, I have slightly more energy than usual.  I love Provigil, but, due to the chest fullness, can't use it very often so that is why I was considering Adderall (I'm also ADD).

In your opinion, how did the Adderall compare to the Provigil in terms of fatigue reduction?

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I tried Provigil at one time, but I never could tell that it did anything.  Adderall is by far the strongest I think that I have tried.  If you have troulbe with your heart from provigil, I would doubt that you could use the adderall at all.  I didn't have any trouble switching off of Adderall though.  ~K
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Thanks for the input.  Maybe it was Ritalin, not Adderal, I was thinking of in terms of addiction.  I heard Ritalin gives a lot of energy.  I think Ritalin was banned in Canada.

I don't understand why, if my cardiologist says I'm okay, I should have chest fullness feeling with Provigil.  I was told Provigil isn't even supposed to stress the heart.  Also, I have that same feeling of chest fullness, but to a lesser extent, with Amantadine.  Too much coffee causes me palpitations.

Sheesh!  What am I supposed to use for energy - 23-hour daily napping?

Frustrated WAF

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