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How do I know it is ms?

Four four weeks I have been experiencing numbess in my hands that also floated around to other parts of the body.  Recently, in the past two weeks, the numbness has subsided to barley noticeable, but a new strong, rather unbearable pins and needles feeling covers everywhere from the neck to my knees, especially my arms and tops of my legs.  A strong lighhtheaded feeling accompanies this conditoning, always coming on suddenly followed by a stronger intensity of the symptoms. Sometimes I get the chills also, but no real fever. A cold chills, like water, and a hot feeling often shows itself on various parts, such as chest, legs, and arms.  I've been to the ER once, and family doctor three times, and am scheduled to see a neurologist at the end of April.  Now my left foot has become numb.  What could this be?  Could it be MS?  How can I get some answers, what type of questions sould I be asking?  The doctors say my blood, lungs, and heart look good. Please help!!!
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Was just about to nap for an hour and saw this site.  Didn't know there was more than one MS forum!  Hi to those who know me from the other 'side'.

I hope you've had some answers now.  Whatever the case, research is good and keep doing it.

Numbness etc. do not automatically mean MS although of course it can.  Hundreds of other things can be causing your symptoms, and there may be even more than one thing going on.  What sprung to my mind, just giving you more to think about, is vascualar issues, or possibly spinal issue such as compression of certain discs.  If your peripheral numbness and tingling is accompanied with a change in tempearature it is definitely worth checking that the blood supply is getting there okay.  The light headedness may be from a drop in blood pressure, or even a raise.  Get blood done for clotting factors, renal and liver function, and a full blood count.  Eg. anaemia can cause a lot of these symptoms.

Anxiety doesn't help and may mask the issue, eg. some of these symptoms are typical of anxiety but that doesn't necesssarily mean this is the only problem, just be aware that the more you worry the worse the feelings of pins and needles and numbness may be.  In stress blood is diverted to the vital organs, leaving peripheral parts of the body with less supply, a survival mechanism.  Hope you get my drift.

As these symptoms have been only recent it may be a type of infection eg. guilian barre, often developed after food poisoning.  Just more ideas.  If you can think of an initiating event this may help track the cause, if there is such an event.  However if it was eg. a tumour on the spinal column it may come across as an acute event as it grows and suddenlty reaches a size where symptoms pop up everywhere, same with MS.

Could go on for a whole book.  Just keep an open mind, even AFTER you have had your diagnosis, if you get one.  We are complex beings.  And if you want really good advice hunt down a registered osteopath or chiropractor.  These people are ususally very generous with their time and know a lot, they will often for free discuss the possible causes of your problems, without expecting you to sign up for treatment.  This is particularly true of the training schools.  They train as long and hard as doctors, so you will get sound advice.

Must sleep.   Best of luck on your quest.  Just a note on numb feet.  I had a car run over my leg a week ago.  Two women rushed up to me and asked if I was okay.  I said yes but that car was close wasn't it?  They seemed perplexed at my answer, until one asked if I noticed it had run over me.  I hadn't.  Broken bone and all, felt nothing.  That's one numb foot.  Shame is the top of my legs are so painful I need major pain relief just to move.  Yes I am being seen by an MS doctor eventually, but the general consensus, including me, is that this is not the problem.  MS is one of hundreds of neurological conditions, and has a very specific effect on the nervous system.  Very hard to diagnose, but just as bad to be diagnosed wrongly.  No pun intended, but tread carefully.

Will read around this forum some time, just nociced the numb foot bit.

Be well

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I have had 4 abnormal MRIs. They found white spots or lesions in my brain.They thought i had MS. I also had a lumbar puncture, evoked potential,and a full neck and spine MRI which all came back negative for lesions and MS. Thats what I was told by my neurologist. I do also have  Migraines, high blood pressure, Diabetes type 2 , Hypothyroidism, Fibromyalgia, and severe feet pain, and probably some nuropathy in my legs and feet. I have lots of memory loss, short term specially. I have trouble making everyday simple decisions, my speech is affected. I am fatigued constantly, tired all the time, and am afraid to go out alone. I have fallen down a couple times, but not recently. My quality of life is not good for being only 47 yrs. old. I have been told that some of the lesions or white spots have gone and some new ones have come. And I have been told that the spots are still there too. I have also been told that I do not have any autoimmune diseases. I feel like i am going crazy! What could possible be worng with me? Could I still have MS? Or maybe something else? I have had so many tests done and no one seems to know what wrong with me! Can you help me???
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You are doing the right thing -- your answers may come from the neurologist you are planning on seeing.

I understand that you are probably anxious amd the end of April probably feels like forever, but there are many things that cause numbness. You probably landed on MS because you typed the word "numbness" into a search engine.

So could this be MS? Well almost anything "can" be MS, but it is premature for us to guess online. We do know, however, that what you have appears to be non-life threatening.
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