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Tingling in hands and feet

I ‘m a 39 yo 290lb 5’11 male in the process of weight loss. Three weeks ago while sitting at work the right side of my right hand went numb then a few minutes later the middle toes on my right foot went numb. This lasted approximately 45 minutes then resolved. A few days later this repeated followed by a couple of days of no symptoms. Then two weeks ago my right hand and both feet felt the numb sensation w/tingling sensation. This has been happening off and on since where it comes and goes and often moves from hands to feet, etc. My skin overall seems sensitive and I have felt some electric zap sensations all over my body. Some muscle and joint soreness that may not be related.  Eyes have been fine, had pics taken of retinas by eye Dr 6 months ago, everything fine.

I saw my GP last week who ordered blood work and referred me to a Neuro Doc however he told me he didn’t think it was anything serious. Results: CBC w/Dif, TSH, Glucose, Comp. Metabolic panel all normal. Vitamin D-Hyrox=54, Sed Rate 15. Three months ago I did have full vitamin panels run by GI Dr, at the time Vit C was below measurable limits, D3 was 24, everything else normal. Five years ago I did have a brain MRI w/wo contrast for headaches, it was 100% normal. (I still have headaches/dizziness off and on)

Meds I am currently taking: Protonix 40mg 5yrs for GERD, Multi-vitamin 12 yrs, Vit D 1000iu 1wk,  Vit C 1wk, Vit b12 1 wk, Xanax .125 TID. I had been reducing Xanax weekly over the past several months. (was taking .5mg TID for 4 years). My Psch. Dr suggested I increase Xanax to last highest dose so I did a few days ago. It seems to reduce the symptoms a little but not completely.
I worry that I may have MS, CIDP, GBS, or some other major illness even though common sense would tell me it is vitamin related or tied to Xanax reduction as noted in the Ashton Manual.  Is MS still a possibility? If not, what things could it be?
Thank you very much!
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Is MS a possibility?

MS is a possibility for everyone in the population, but only 0.1% of people get it.

Could this be explained by many other reasons?

I agree that it is premature to jump to conclusions without seeing the neurologist.
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