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mri results

hello, I am wondering if you could provide some insight into a recent mri that I had..I had an appt. with a neurologist, who has referred me to an ms specialist, but I have to wait a long time for an appt..and was wondering if you could help..
My mri reads: Numerous scattered foci of increased FLAIR signal are present within the periventricular and subcortical white matter bilaterally. Additionally , there is a focal area of increased signal in the rostral right corpus callosum.  Findings are nonspecific but a demyelinating process remains a possibility.
Again, any insight would be helpful.
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As you know it is impossible to intepret MRIs by report, but with that said, it sounds like the radiologist is saying that you have white spots in the brain. including one in the corpus callosum -- the very myelinated highway connecting both sides of your brain.
Other causes for white spots, such as migraine should not be in that area. Because there needs to be very fast connections between both sides of the brain, there is a lot of myelin in that area and MS affects (among other things) the myelin (white matter of the brain).

So what does this mean?

It depends on the rest of your history, exam etc. but your MRI at least sounds consistent with the diagnosis of MS.
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