just a couple more questions--- i know i posted prior--- stating the buzzing/tingling/crawly feelings all over, i still get them all over but id' say 85% are on the left side now.  2 MOST spots that i feel them the most are a small spot on the top of my left foot between the big toe and the one next to it , and a small spot on my upper left back *left shoulder blade* and also widespread twitching all over throughout the day for the past 5 days.  (((remember i get NO WEAKNESS AND NO OTHER ISSUES)))) I do wake up with sore legs once in a while, but it goes away as the day goes on, and i think being pregnant and sleeping funny doesnt help that.  

Someone brought up "bfs" or "ALS" NOW im really freaking!! als, bfs or ms??????????? maybe none?? what is going on, ive made a follow up appt. with my neuro for next week, but in the meantime,,,,any words of encouragement???
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Hi naynay,

I'm confused - your profile says you are a male?

Pregnancy can cause some funny things to go on in your body.

Words of encouragement - stay away from the internet until you talk with your doc.  Freaking out and jumping to the worst case (ALS,MS,etc) won't help how you are feeling right now. For you and baby, relax and think positives!
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oh my goodness lol i didnt even see where to edit female or male ....ooooppss lol and thank you, i know, my anxiety needs to stop kicking in and sending me to dr. google...my neuro appt is next weds. im just looking to see if my symptoms fall into any "category" in the mean time
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I completely understand your wanting to google everything. I still do it. It isn't wise however, to do this too much as you will "have" all of these aweful diseases..(lol)  Just take care of yourself and the baby. :-)  Keep in mind, it is quite a process to get a diagnosis of MS. It is all a process of elimination. Keep good records of all the funny things happening..date etc.

Take Care!!!
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I think you need stop focussing on something being terribly wrong, and focus on 'normal' changes during pregnancy, anxiety is one of them but abnormal levels need to be addressed. I'm sure your OBGYN would be able to help you with what is normal pregnancy issues and the anxiety. I dont think any advice you receive on line will help much or take it away, this is something you need to discuss with your doctor, and i'm not sure a neurologist will do anything to relieve your fears and could if he/she is not sympathetic to your situation, make you feel worse about everything. Neurologists are not really known for having a nice bed side manner at the best of times so i would recommend you see your OBGYN or GP prior.

Just so you know BFS is .......

"Common symptoms of BFS are frequent muscle twitches (fasciculations or fascics), generalized fatigue, "pins and needles" sensations, migrating numbness, muscle cramping and/or spasms in the affected areas (usually the feet and calves), muscle aches and stiffness exercise intolerance, headaches, and itchiness.

Clinically some patients have mild increases in creatine kinase. Muscle biopsy may show mild neurogenic changes. Electrodiagnostic studies show peripheral nerve hyperexcitability.

Often the symptoms will get worse at night, or during periods of sickness or viral infections, stress, or overexertion.

Many people experiencing these symptoms fear they may have ALS or MS. A simple clinical rule is that fasciculations in relaxed muscle are never indicative of motor system disease unless there is an associated weakness, atrophy, or reflex change."

From what you are describing your sx would not be consistent with ALS, BFS or MS, please consider what your experiencing is not necessarily abnormal in someone who is pregnant and being anxious is what is leading you to 'freaking' please make an appointment with the doctor that is monitoring your pregnancy and make it clear what you are going through. Stop googling sx but if you can't resist, stick to looking at pregnancy sites.

Good luck.........JJ

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