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Pancreatitis and MS

Has anyone here ever had pancreatitis?  If so, did you have it after getting your MS diagnosis?  I am wondering how much of an impact, if any, did the this affect your MS symptoms?  I can't possibly believe that this could trigger yet another MS relapse as I feel I paid my dues with the relapse hat just preceeded the pancreatits, but is it possible?  


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I don't know I am thinking about you. Each of us has unique medical histories along with the MS it is hard to say. Could of been your Pancreas was lurking before your, or during your relapse, or the steroids or stress of hospitilazion kicked it off. May be it was the extra medications?

Yes you have paid your dues as have so many here. I am one of the fortunates who so far have not gone down that road.

People and Doctors think oh this is just a Neurological disease but it effects the whole body really for most of us. One treatment, medication, infection, whatever can do things to one of us no one expected.

Heal my friend.


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Julie My husband has had MS for 25 years and still very mobile. Lately they thought he had pancreatic cancer and liver cancer which has same exact symptoms as autoimmune pancreatitis. Only biopsie can confirm.  Autoimmune pancreatitis can be cured with 11 week course of steroids and people live a normal life. We are waiting for his biopsie next week to see what he really had...Why did you ask about MS affecting pancreas?
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Julie is it autoimmune pancreatititis or just pancreatitis?
Hi there and welcome, unfortunately this community thread is 9 years old and Julie is no long active, i searched the community looking for similar questions and couldn't find anything rekevant sorry. Hope your husband is ok........JJ
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