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im just wondering

hi my mum has being diagnosed with ms and I want to know how i can deal with it.... it makes me sad when i see her walk and I've read the book that the doctors gave her and i get it cause she explained to me so did my dad and my sister dont understand it well but she's only 10 ... i try and help but sometimes she wants to do it herself ????
what shall i do
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Hi and welcome to our forum! I am sorry to hear about your mother. She is fortunate to have your concern and willingness to help.

The best thing I can recommend is to familiarize yourself with MS. It is often invisible to our loved ones and accepting the diagnosis can take time, support and patience.

Ask her questions, or research with her if she is willing. MS is not a death sentence. There is always a Multiple Sclerosis Association around, so if you can find one online in your area they have tons of information.

I know others here will also have information for you and do not hesitate to ask if you have questions

Finally, your mother may feel like she is a burden to you and your family, so please assure her of your love and support.

Best wishes,
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I’m glad that you’re reading about MS, whether in books, websites like this with real patients, or websites like that of the U.S.-based National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Know that MS is different for all of us, and it’s seldom as it’s portrayed on TV (which is true of about anything). One of few certainties is that we have so many more tools to fight the disease now than we did a decade ago (when I was diagnosed) or a generation ago. I hope your mother can take advantage of some of these tools and live well. It helps that she has a loving, supportive family in her corner, which not everyone has. If injectable medicine is in her future, maybe you can even learn how to give her a shot once in a while.

Ask questions anytime!
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Hi and another welcome from me,

I have a 15yr old son and sometimes he get's sad and worried too but mostly we laugh together, joking around actually helps both of us. Try to remember that you mum is still the same person, every one has their own unique combination of symptoms and not everything you read about, will your mum experience.

How you can deal with her diagnosis, is to not hide how your feeling from your mum, talk to her so she can give you the love and support that you need. Its what mum's do and no matter what, she's still your mum and she would want to be there for you!

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I will add my welcome and say your mum is fortunate to have you - this is a lot to worry about.  One thing you might consider is finding a forum that has people your age to talk about their parent with MS  - the Multiple Sclerosis Society of the UK has a great forum and you can find young people talking about this and much more -

And you can always come back here to ask your questions.  Good luck to you both.  Laura
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