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reading problem

Hi everyone

I hope everyone is doing ok this morning.

I know I shouldn't be embarassed to ask you guys anything but I am.I can't even believe i was doing this.

Ok well last night my daughter showed me a big thing(I don't know what the heck it was) that said ... YOU ASK WHY...at the top thensmaller words underneath (I never got to the rest of it). I couldn't read it. Those top three wosdr looked like random letters at first. I kept staring at it- and I think the letters were different colors on those three words -then she starts to read it out loud YOU ASK WHY...- I didn't realize until she asked me "why are you starting on the right" that I was trying to make myself see what she was reading and was doing it all wrong. It was like my brian was trying to piece together those words and couldn't- but WHY BACKWARDSand FROM THE RIGHT??? Why would I do that?

I stared at it for about 5mins. or so before I even realized something was wrong with me not the words. I just said that's cute...I didn't fool her though so now she's worried and I don't know what to tell her. I'm worried too.

There have been times when I didn't know what I was doing before. Was this the same type thing? Has anyone ever heard of this?

Thanks everybody

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Hi Deb

Thank you for helping! I do have blurry vision from time to time and have double vision sometimes but it hits me all of a sudden and stays for awhile and then gets better. I can't remember if it was blurry last night when I was trying to read that. Hmm... ? I have trouble focusing more often than not and it even feels like my eyes "wiggle" or something  but...

I don't know. It looks like this is just one more thing to add to my never ending list of symptoms.

Thank you again. I'm going to get it checked out asap.

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Hi Stella!

I've had this happen, but for me it was the numbers on my alarm which are huge--big enough for me to see.  In the morning I would focus for what seemed to be minutes, and see only part of a number which didn't make sense.  I've not had this happen in some time and I'm trying to remember if I had this when I had optic neuritis.  

I also had (which may not correlate with what you had) a blurriness in my visual acquity until I focused on the letter for several seconds and then I could read it.  

It sounds more cognitive, but you may want to check to be sure it's not the optic nerve.  Are reds duller in one eye?  How is your visual acquity?  Do you see double (this sure can confuse your brain)?  

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Oops! Sorry I meant to say that I'm sorry if my post is hard to understand. I have trouble getting my point across and it takes me forever then I get frustrated and ... I don't know-

I just noticed that I didn't proofread very well either. I meant words and brain if anyone noticed that

And THANKS SUZIE! I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I am not writing that way-thank goodness.

It's a big sticker or something and it looks normal now-I hope this is understandable-it's sad is what it is. What should I do? I have an appointment April 13,should I just wait or call in the morning,or go to the after hours clinic? DAZED AND CONFUSED Thanks ppl
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I'm new here and I'm no expert, but it seems to me that something is going on since we normally read left to right, and I think it's the right side of the brain that controls the lefts side and visa versa, so something is attacking an area on the right side of the brain causing this since what I understand from your post is that you're writing right to left, some signal between what you write and what you read are mixed, I think.

Again I'm no expert, but I'd be in contact with my doctor asap, and talk to him about this.

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