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3T - Should I get one if my other MRI's have already showed the MS?

Dear Quix & Friends,

Hi! I have been reading posts about the 3T and called my local MRI providers. They don't have a 3T close by but I am willing to travel.

My question is if you already have an MS dx and previous regular MRI's have shown plenty of lesions and progression of the disease would there be a benefit in trying to get my doctor to order a 3T scan? I know that you have all listed the great things that a 3T can do but with my cognitive issues I have trouble understanding if I would benefit in treatment or understanding if I had one.

Thanks for your advice and input :)

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Hi Erin,
I don't believe that there is anything that you could gain by being imaged with a 3T mri - you already have your diagnosis and should be on a DMD.  The MRI doesn't even track the progression of your disease  even though it shows the lesions  - that is more the work fo the symptoms.  

that said, I think it is reassuring to a patient, me included, to see the recent MRI and get a look at what is happening in our brains.  If your insurance covers the cost, you have nothing to lose by getting it imaged on a 3T.

My best, Lulu
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Hi Erin

I've had the same question. My neuro wants me to have another mri...less than 3  months after my first.  I asked him about the 3T and he pretty much said "what difference would it make... we already know you have ms?"  I guess he is right. As we all know, its not the number of lesions but their location that is important.  So I guess its just my own curiosity.

Out of curiosity though, do you know if you need a specific script for a 3T, special insurance authorization and is there any cost difference?

Oh, I noticed under recent activity that you started infusions?  If you don't mind me asking, what kind of infusions are you receiving and are you doing okay?


I noticed
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I just had an MRI on my first 3T.  I have already had a diagnosis of MS for over 10 years with visible lesions.  I am already being treated with a DMD.

While the 3T did show more lesions, the 1.5T already shows enough lesions.  If that makes any sense.

I would not go through the extra travel and expense to get to a 3T machine, unless you were having major problems and the doctor's were thinking about different treatment for you because it didn't seem the DMD's were enough.

We all need to remember that there were the days when MRI wasn't even available and MS was diagnosed by process of elimination, abnormal physical exam and symptoms.

So even though I was fascinated to see the lesions that the 1.5T didn't pick up, in your case I do not think traveling to a 3T machine would be of much benefit right now.  Of course, this is up to your doctor and you...always.

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Hi Erin,

I totally agree with Lu and Heather.  I don't think a 3T scan would really be any benefit right now.  Maybe soon there will be one in a closer location that would make it more convenient for you and then you could consider it.

Hope you are feeling better from the transfusion.  Sending you healing hugs.


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two mentions of infusion/tranfusions here - are you on Tysabri?  If you are I would perhaps rethink my answer about the repeat MRI .... Lulu
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