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A new week- what's up?

This is our weekly roundup of events that you want us to be aware are happening this week.  Doctors? Walks in the park?  Grooming for the dog or you?  In other words, anythig goes.

So what are you doing this week?
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I'll start - I see a crazy week ahead.  Work with several special projects going on, my wellness classes, dental cleaning appt, masage therapy on Thursday, and Podiatrist on Friday.

Best news is the shingles for our new roof arrive late this week and will be installed on Saturday.  The new roof is compliments of our insurance after the crazy hail storm we had back in late May.  

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Nothing exciting, just doc appts (cardiologist and PCP). and follow up blood work, x-rays, C.diff results.

Canceled PT as I am too weak to do anything productive. My newest "exercise" is simply to lift my leg straight out and hold for a count of ten.Compare this to my old routines of riding a recumbent bike x 10 minutes. leg lifts with resistance - 6 different ones and one exercise for my Achilles tendinitis.

Add "walking the wall" with my fingers for my bilateral bicep tendinitis  and that's the extent of my new workout. This pneumonia certainly took the wind out of my sails.

At least I hope to  make more appearances here , between naps :-)

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I have F/U visit with my  Ophthalmologist on Wednesday for   Scleritis in my right eye,  it feels so much better with the med's.
I was Dx with Scleritis last week. I have learned that is autoimmune related.

I  need to call and  schedule my six month MRI on 3T,  for the end  of October at the teaching hospital in the Chicago area.  This will be yet another brain & C spine w/o contrast.  I've been on the six month MRI cycle now for over  three years.    During  the start of this it was every two months.


             I know the routine by heart like most of you,  here it goes,

     Would you like to select your music?  

    Sure 60's 70' or 80's-  ( yes I'm in my  early 50"s)

    The first scan will  be a minute or so.

    Ok , the next  scan will last about five minute.

    How are you doing?

I think by this point shoot me  in the direction of the tube, I'll place some thing under my legs and lock my own head down & press start.  

( sorry about the above  just sort of venting a bit)

Tonight I'll watch the Bears hopefully beat Detroit -  its really amazing when the Bears play,  all the food I consume doesn't seem have any calories.  :-))

                 I   wish everyone  a Healthy week


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Been knee deep in allergens, ragweed, and mold they say wreaking havoc. aaaaah Trying to enjoying some nice weather.

Wishing alll a stable week.
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As far as I can 'remember', I have nothing this week.  I am hoping that the sleep specialist I have will correct the original script and diagnosis so I can get my new BiPAP machine.  

So, it's an easy week for me

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Calm week ahead for me. I'm meeting a friend in the morning for coffee/tea and breakfast before class. Something new we decided to do since I'm in her neighborhood and she doesn't skiddaddle off to work until a little later some days. I'm looking forward to that.

Have a few massages to do this week, am still getting over the respiratory bug that hit two weeks ago, and waiting for the neuro to get back with me on his game plan and review of my records.

And the last thing on the out-of-the-ordinary must-do list is, I have to wrangle my chicken flock to give them their twice yearly mite/parasite tx.

Also, I decided to start exercising again, even if it's a much lower level than before. But I really need it to keep from being irritated all the time. It's like magic, how that works. For right now, I'm running with the Wii while listening to some fun music on the stereo. Then a little strength training. The next day I was worn out, but no longer the Grouch. :-)

I have to get my endurance up. I sure hope this helps. Have a great week, everyone.
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Nothing new. I woke up had breakfast threw up a lot.

My old dog, Dante, is having vertigo so I have to take him to the vet today. I know how he feels. I feel badly I can't talk to him. The poor thing is stumbling in circles.

Trying to paint. Hating my art. Not sure why everything just looks bad to me.

Going riding Wednesday. Last week I was very weak but I managed to get the saddle on and mount the horse all by myself. I just walked around on the horse but that was something. I had not been out in three weeks.

I have been canceling a lot of meetings and activities lately due to illness.

Still working with Grady. His new nickname is moose. All we are focusing on are things I can do sitting down with him. He is a great puppy.

Me the energizer bunny has finally run out of juice. Since I have PPMS I do not know if this is my new normal or not. Either way I will adjust.


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Actually this week started with the end of last week. Last week when I saw my PC I was DX'ed with diabetes. On Friday my PC called me at home ( that alone was a shocker since I rarely get a call back when I call about something ) I wasn't home at the time so she just left a message that she was sending me some medicine for the diabetes. When I had seen her last week she said she wouldn't put me on anything unless my A1C was over 7.0 so I guess it was.

In the mean time I have been reading up on Glycemic Index and Low Carb  diets without much success. The Glycemic stuff just leaves my head spinning as it seems to beyond my ability to comprehend things. When I look at Low Carb diet things they seem to be all kinds of things that I WILL NOT or CAN NOT eat ( Yogurt, Fish, Tofu, Grapefruit etc. ) or so complicated recipes that I don't have the strength to cook, or contain ingredients that I can't find out here in the rural country.  

Ideally I would like to find a web site or software that will allow me to generate meal plans with things I will eat but give me a balanced diet.  I have found a couple that sound like they fit the bill but are too expensive ( software $400, Web site $20/month ).

I am thinking for making a couple of road trips ( 1 or 2 days ) this week or next just to get away for a while as I am getting quite stressed for trying to figure out this diet stuff.

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Packing.  Off to Atlanta for a week to work on a SWAT team.  Yuck.  Not liking this "Global Troubleshooter Role."

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No doctor appointments, although I want one. But I did get a hold of the secretary for the major MS Center nearby... Got my appointment moved from Nov. 23 to Nov. 2. Yeah! Not the "within a week or two" my internist wanted, but better. Tomorrow I will call my internist and let his secretary continue to bug the MS Center.

And today I had the BEST day I've had in four months! The burning in my feet was minimal (responding well to gabapentin) and I had energy to work all day and uh, well, I guess I did crash later... but I worked a full day! I felt NORMAL.

Enjoying the leaves changing, too. :)
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I'm working all week except for some of Wed.

Wed I have an ultrasound and a possible biopsy in the morning.  In the afternoon I start my first day of physical therapy for gait/spasticity/balance. And Wed is my delivery day for Ampyra.  I hope I won't have any seizures from it.

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I tried just to leave you a note,  your settings are set not to receive notes,

here's a couple of website I found when my AC1 spiked last year



I learned to plan ahead and cook for myself,  

take care
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A quiet week ahead for me hopefully after an emotional rollercoaster last week as I celebrated my 5 month anniversary of MS ( only 2 mths official dx).

Today I visited my friendly Chiropractor for my fortnightly session. Unfortunately, I have had to drop this to a once a month session as I have reached my insurance limit.

Tomorrow I visit the Physiotherapist who is going to do a check up after a fall about a month ago and also develop a strength and exercise program for me.

Vegan plus seafood diet going well. Meditation going well. Walking not too bad this week. Outlook is positive.

Big bonus - I arranged with facilities manager to gain room access to our building to sunbathe au naturale. Well, slight exaggeration there but I am allowed to strip down to a pair of shorts and catch some valuable rays to boost my vitamen D levels.

Feeling the love again.

Be good, or if not be good at it!
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im suffering with a chest infection at the mo not feeling the love lol
it realy hurts to cough and is making me spasm toooo not nice but just got antibiotics so should feel better soon i hoe cos i have my gym rehab on thirsday.

had a phone call last night my wifes uncle has died so she is upset as they were close !!!

on a lighter note our rabbits have produced a little family and we did not know she was pregnant lol
other than that all the same here
regards bairdy
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