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I was wondering--have any of you been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD)?  I was quite surprised when my neuro diagnosed me with this last week.  I think it's related to my MS, but not sure (dummy me didn't think to ask).  He told me that Provigil actually helps with this problem and raised my dosage a bit.  

The cognitive stuff has improved greatly since taking Provigil, but if it would go away completely, I don't think I'd mind one bit!

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Yup! I was diagnosed last year before I started this path.  It explains everything about my  negative experience in school as a child.   The last straw was when I was wanting to do a Spring cleaning of my old farmhouse and found myself walking around in circles...completely overwhelmed with it all.  I had suspected ADD for a long time because of my struggle with organization, finishing things, etc. But that was the moment I decided to go to the shrink to see if it was true.   I tried Ritalin and Concerta, but eventually decided they weren't worth it.
Thanks for the rolling chair tip in the other post!  Good one.  Since I am a resource room teacher, I get to sit most of the time anyway.  If I were in a classroom situation, I don't think I could do it without the rolling chair.   :-)
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Yep, about 15 years ago, at the same time as both of my sons.  My sister's kids have it, too, and I strongly suspect my older brother is ADD.  I take Wellbutrin for both it and depression.  I'm in MS limbo, but I find the ADD and my short-term memory are getting worse.  I'm also menopausal, so who knows which of the three is causing it?
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That is good to know about the medicines.  I need to find something for depression and didn't know this about Wellbutrin.  I'm pretty sure this problem started for me, when the MS started.  I'm surgically menopausal, but taking hormones.  I bet ADD can be caused from many, many things.

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I'm starting Wellbutrin for ADHD.
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