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Dear all..Hi my name is Penelope...For several years i had problems with urine urgency muscle cramps ...back pain muscle spasm headaches dizziness, sinusitis,bowel, weakness and fatigue.Also i had numbness and tingling sensation and facial pains.After 3 years of being told off im goind to see a neurologist tommorow.
I suspect MS....I wanted you guys to inform me in any way you can about a neurological visit please....Im kind of scared.What should i expect.What do i do if its MS..
i think the anxiety is going to kill me
Thank you all
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go to the health pages and check on what to take to a neuro appt. I did a timeline of episodes and a seperate page of symptoms I have during episodes and other times, it really really helped. when you are nervous you forget so much. also write down any questions you have! hope everything comes out ok for you! I know about the anxiety, half of me wants my tests to come back as not MS and half of me would just be relieved to know what the heck is wrong with me. I go for my VER test and spinal MRI on Friday, somedays I feel to stressed and depressed to even get out of bed. It will take a while but hang in there!
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Hi Penelope.  I hope you had a chance to look over that Health Page on appointment preparation.  It's so very helpful but you don't have a lot of time to get things together if you haven't already started.  Most important is to get a few thoughts organized and down on paper.  When doctors start their own agenda you can easily lose track of your own priorities so don't hesitate to use a written "cheat sheet".

Above all else, please try to relax.  I understand the anxiety but sometimes the doctors don't and will use our visit nervousness to try and explain away symptoms.  Whatever happens today, you will have advanced your journey to be your own health advocate.  No one knows you better than you or can represent you better than yourself.

Please let us know how it goes today.  We have all been there - for better or worse.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear that you are having these symptoms.  I agree with ami9342 and twopack about taking your prepared past history of symptoms with you to the neurologist.  Also, I would continue to keep an ongoing timeline from this point on, as well.

Sometimes it can take awhile for any diagnoses, but with ongoing symptoms, you must be persistent in your health management until such time you have an answer.

Please let us know how everything goes with your appointment.  Best of Luck!

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