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About EMG test results...

OK, I have been thinking about my test results.(dangerous, I know)  It seems to me that the discovery of nerve damage in my legs and feet means no MS.  However, since there is no nerve damage in my arm and hand, and my MRI reveals a lesion in my brain, what would cause the lesion other than MS?  Am I dealing with 2 different issues here?  My neuro still thinks numbness in my feet could be the result of high-ish blood sugar even though I am not diabetic, just borderline.  Could I have neuropathy in my feet from that?  Could I have had high blood sugar (148) for 7 or more years and not know it? Where can I learn about other reasons for lesions in the brain?  Ohhhhh...I think this is gonna take a long time.
Thanks, friends..Mary Kay
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Sure, you can have two things going on . There are several here how have a couple of dx.s. It does not make the process easy. It muddies the waters , and puts the docs on there toes . I had three things which slowed my dx. down to a stand still , as my doc never looked any further an the first illness , which took me  1 1/2 yrs to put together myself .  I quickly got a new dr. and found this place almost at the same time ( both life savers ). This was last fall .

  Lesion can be from many different reasons . They all have to be ruled out for a MS dx.   Do you have a lesion? or are you fretting early?  :)      Yes it can/will take time.   We're here with you :)  can you stand it?  :)

Just from your pics I can tell you are a hearty soul !    You can do this ...

Sorry , I don't know anything about diabetes .

Take care     HUGS      

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First of all, do you know how your FASTING blood sugar readings have been over the past several years?  If 148 is the average reading for your fasting blood sugar, than that is diabetic level.  Fasting blood sugar readings should be less than 100 and ideally 80-90.  Unless you know what your blood sugar readings have been with and without food, you can assume from your reading of 148 IF it's fasting, that you have had diabtes all these years.  I am surprised that your family doctor did not keep on top of this.

I am a former diabetic that was insulin and pill dependent.  After losing a tremendous amount of weight, I was able to go off insulin and the diabetes pills.  Having tested my blood sugar at home literally a thousand or more times since I was age 40 (now 54) I am very familiar with what your readings should be, fasting or an hour or two after eating.

Diabetes is a silent disease, many times not giving any clue to it's existence, until it is discovered during a routine exam.  All doctors should run what is called A1C testing, to test your overall blood sugar readings over the past 3 months.  This can actually be determined through this testing.  (Remarkable, huh?)

It's VERY possible that you DO indeed have some diabetic neuropathy caused from years of having higher than normal blood sugar readings.  Its a sneaky disease, just like high blood pressure.  Silent robbers of life, if not treated properly.

Just wanted to throw in my experiences and hope that some of this information helps.

Best Wishes,
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Thanks for your info!  I should have said that I have had A1C testing twice over the last couple of years.  The 148 reading was the number at the end of a 2hour GTT.  The report said that 140 was normal (for 2 hours after drinking the stuff) and 200 indicates diabetes.  It also said there is probably insulin resistance... So, basically, every time I have been checked either by  AM fasting finger prix, A1C at the Dr. ofc, or GTT, the numbers are a bit high, but not diabetic....yet. I know...it's time to get a grip on it before it gets worse.  I am trying, really I am.
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I don't know if I have a lesion.  I am soon going to have a brain MRI to try to find out.  My doctor said that the nerves in my arm and hand are normal and that a lesion COULD be the cause of my numbness, weakness, and loss of ability.  I don't think I am overly freaked out.  It's just not knowing if next year this time my arm will work at all.  I might have to become a right handed person! Heaven forbid?!?!?!?  Thanks so much for your pep talk.  Hugs back at 'cha, Mary Kay
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