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According to my MS Specialist

Today was the "big" day to see what he thought of what was going on with me with the lessening of symptoms.

He said he didn't know.  He had Movement Disorder specialist, a Neuro-opth and a urologist look at me and they can't come up with nothing.  

The only thing left he said is, "Conversion Disorder".  

I asked him after our first initial visit, does he remember when I called him about an hour later to ask some questions and one of them was, "Do you think this is psychogenic or a conversion disorder?"  He said, "No I don't remember".  I said, when I asked you, you said "No".  I also told him that if I truly felt that this is what I was going through, I would of seen a psychiatrist long before seeing him.  In fact, if I thought by now if I had a conversion disorder, I'd be seeing one today or making an appointment to see one soon.  I told him that I would rather have something that is "fixable" and go on medications and participate in therapy to get this all squared away.

I know in my heart and with my knowledge base in the medical field, that this is not the case.

I think he had given up on me himself.  

So now what.

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What did he say after you told him that?
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New neuro.  Or ask him for a psychological review.  A neuro-psych exam or similar will suss out cognitive problems.  Or, see if he'll schedule you for an OCT.  An optical coherence tomography test will measure atrophy of the CNS through the thickness of your retinal nerve fiber - that's a relatively cheap test that shows a lot of information.  
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He said, "I dont know what else I can do. We did everything and got every specialist involved."  I said, how about retesting me for thyroid antibodies and do a thyroid panel.  Throw in Vit B12 too while you're at it.  He said, "No, I do not think that is what it is."

He said to return and see him in 3 months.  I asked him if there's a psychiatrist that he could refer me to that he knows professionally and I would go under evaluation to see if this was it and if so, I'd be compliant to fix the issue.

He said, "No I don't know of anyone and frankly that's not our office's specialty".  

(Although, his bio at the hospital he works out of says and I quote, "He trained at Boston University Medical Center in Psychiarty   He is board certified in Neurology and Psychiatry.")
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Yes, I believe that I have no choice in the matter in finding a new Neurologist.  I asked for the psychological review and/or neuro-psych exam and he said that really doesn't do anything.

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Move on!

I am so frustrated for you... I am so very sorry Lisa. This is assinine. :(
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I can safely say that I am "fuming". I am truly fuming.

I dont know if it is because I was insulted at his possible laziness, his giving up on me and/or conclusion of this entire fiasco that has affected my LIFE for over 14 months that has taken me out of my nursing profession.  


Am I angry that he may be right?  I sort of doubting myself at this time but then fluctuate the argument in my head, "does conversion disorder include paresthesias? Nausea x 10 months? Muscle spasticity that the Physical therapist even states I have or "clonus"?  If so then I guess it is possible that I may.

I just never thought that what I've been experiencing over 14 months was psychological.  In fact some of these symptoms existed since 2006 just not as often as they are now.  

Well.....who knows.
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