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Advice (and encouragement) about self-catheterisation required

I had never considered it before, but now have to face the fact that with MS we don't go from only the known bladder problems to being incontinent overnight (no pun intended) - for me, at least, there is a slippery slope from one end of the scale to the other. This year has been unavoidably stressful which has seriously affected my bladder problems. In an attempt to regain control of my own bladder I have worked hard on the stress but with a husband who was diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year and another relative in the final throes of Motor Neuron Disease, I cannot rid myself of all stress. I only mention these two factors to indicate why I can't just re-evaluate and lead a minimally stressed life. Self-catheterisation is a fact of life in my home - my husband has been 'at it' for about 5 years without any problems. It is most likely that I will have to SC in the near future. I am not squeamish but after a bad experience during and after Urodynamic testing in hospital last year I am trying everything to avoid it. Any words of encouragement would be gratefully received
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I'm so sorry for everything that's going on....hugs!

I don't actually believe their has been a strong association of stress levels to worsening bladder incontinence issues, stress can worsen fatigue and make any issue feel worse but causation is more the point with neurological conditions.

Whilst I really do want to encourage you to put your negative Urodynamic testing experience behind you, problem is i understand the avoiding part so i kinda feel a bit hypocritical encouraging you to put your big girl panties on and just do it....when my big girl panties are stuck hanging on the line.....

Dealing with the workable solution is another matter entirely, one step at a time, the Self-catheterisation solution you have in your thoughts may not be necessary and an alternative solution better for your at this time......

Ask your self, if going through the Urodynamic testing will get you closer to finding a workable solution to the problem? If the answer is yes, that's definitely encouragement worth focusing on to get you through it again, right?

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I'm in the same boat - may have to self-catheterize soon, as I have retention and incontinence. No advice, just sympathy!
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All I can say is, I couldn't imagine self-cathing.  My primary promised me it would become incredibly easy and I trusted him.  (Emphasis on become, lol -- not neccessarily easy to start).  I also had to have an indwelling catheter for a while -- no picnic, so given the choice between indwelling and self-cathing, I learned how.

It became easy.  I did have a really good nurse come to my home to show me how (don't let anyone teach you to do it lying down -- just not possible).  Try and start with a small catheter size - much easier when you're starting up.

You can do it!
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