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Age for dx

Has anyone 70 or above been diagnosed with ms?  Just wondering...my neuro told me he will "defer" on a dx and that what I have may be ms, but it could also be age-related.
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Hello there, tired.  Welcome to our forum.  I will be moving back to AZ in June.  I was born and raised there, in the East Valley.  :)

Your question is a very interesting question, to me.  I cannot answer it.  I hope someone will be able to answer it for you.  

So have you been suffering through symptoms for many years?  Or are your symptoms brand new to you?

Again, welcome to our forum,
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Welcome back to AZ.  I've had symptoms for many years and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1985.  I never had an mri until last October.  I think the dx of fibro just puts an end to further testing despite a clear progression of symptoms.  Now I have LOTS of sx, including double vision, dizziness, pain without end.  The neuro told me after my first mri that I have lesions and if I were 20 years younger, he would say it's ms.

Frustrated and sick today.  Thanks for answering my note.
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Ummm...if you were 20 years younger??  That does not make sense to me.  Are you at least on anything for symptom management?

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Yes, some...lyrica, vicodin, prozac, muscle relaxant, ambien.  I don't believe any of it works any more.  Sometimes at night I just try a little of everything to get to sleep.  I'm wondering if a pain specialist would give me something better.
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Age has little to do with it.  There are ages ..I think between 20 to 50 that MS is likely to show up.  However, there are people on this board..one having it since age 3 (I believe it is what she said) and others dxed well into their 60's.  You have probably had symtoms going back years that were not bothersome enough to see a doctor.  

If your present doctor wants to blame it on age, I would consult another and maybe even another.  If it is MS you need to get on DMD's that will help protect your body from further damage.
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