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It is with a very, very heavy heart that I have to tell you all that our beloved Alex passed away in the early morning of Friday, January 30th.  I just spoke to her husband Mike, and he sent me a copy of what he had posted on her Facebook page the day after she passed, and asked if I would post it for her friends here:

"My beautiful, kind, sweet, generous, beloved wife Alex past away early yesterday morning after spending about 10 days at the Duke Hospice. The nurse said that she went quietly in her sleep. I spent several hours with her the day before just holding her hand and talking to her. The doctors and nurses said that hearing is the last sense to go and she could still recognize my voice.
Alex will be cremated and later on next spring we will hold a remembrance. We may hold several since she had such a wide circle of friends and she wanted to have her ashes scattered among her favorite places.
Over the last week she spent at home Alex watched all the Harry Potter movies in order. She commented that while there was a lot of death and dying in the movies, Harry was able to survive with the help of his friends and loved ones.
I want to thank you all so much for all your help and support over the past 4 1/2 years that Alex battled cancer. In particular over the past few weeks when her health was rapidly declining.
Please do not send any flowers or food to the house. We'll setup some type of charitable cause to donate to her name such as the MS Society, Ovarian Cancer Research or the local APS.

Thanks, Mike"

Most of you probably don't know/remember me, but I used to be active on this forum, and this is where I met Alex about 5 or 6 years ago.  We became fast friends, and got to know each other very well.  She was a very cherished friend ... someone whose voice I loved to hear on the other end of the phone ... who I could always count on to really understand whatever was going on ... who always gave helpful advice ...who would provide encouragement when things were difficult ... and someone with whom I could always share a laugh about the absurdities of both our situations.  Oh, how I loved to hear her laugh!  We always seemed to share so many similar situations and frustrations along the way. Oddly enough, over the course of our friendship, I have even found myself walking the cancer path, although a very different type than she had. Life is strange indeed.

Please keep her husband Mike in your thoughts and prayers right now.  This has been a very difficult journey for him as well, and now it will get even harder.  If you are on her Facebook, maybe you could send him a message of support, and tell him just what Alex meant to you personally.  I think those messages will be something he will always hold close to his heart.
We have all been so blessed to know Alex and feel her caring and love ... and one of the best ways to honor what she has done for us is to follow her example and help and encourage others whenever we can.  I know that will make her smile ....
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So sorry to hear this.  Alex was the first person on this sight to help me out when I asked questions. She always had a straight forward answer for me.  She kept my spirits up in the early days after my DX.  She was amazing!  Rest in Peace Alex.
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I was just here looking to see if anyone had posted about Alex - HVAC to many.  We were fortunate to have her as a constant presence for so many years here.  I know her words of encouragement and philosophy about living with multiple problems has been an inspiration for many people.  Thanks for the lovely tribute, Cosmobirdy.  
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I'm not on here much anymore but had a feeling to come on and glad I did. I'm so sorry to hear of this news but as an Angel of light she was here on Earth, so she will be up above.
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Sorry to read this, Alex was an amazing person, rest in peace.
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My heart is heavy hearing this news. I knew she was sick and was on limited time but one is never ready to hear this news.
She was always so funny and light hearted. She was a straight shooter too.  I never met her in person but I will always remember her.
May her memory always be a blessing.  Peace to her and her beloved family.

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Thank you Alex for your selfless service to others, your journey in this world was fought long and hard, you were a warrior of note, changing so many lives with your kindness and insight that you will be sorely missed by everyone.....sweet peace!

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May you all find strength, comfort and peace in the passing of Alex~
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Not on here much these days, but as with everyone, Alex was one of the goodies on here. Sad loss and condolences to her family. Nx
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Vale dear sweet Alex. I remember many engaging, thought provoking conversations we shared in 2011 when I was first diagnosed. She had many talents but it was her caring nature and great sense of humour that made her a giant of this forum. Her struggles are finally over, may she now be at peace.
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So sorry to hear of Alex's passing. Prayers to Mike and her family . I will remember her in my heart always
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I am so very saddened to hear this news but thank you for taking the time to pop in and tell the community. She will be missed from all over the globe as Alex touched so many lives. My sincere condolences to Alex's husband Mike, family and friends.

RIP Dear Alex. You will be missed. xxxx
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Thank you for the update.  Prayers for Mike and her friends and family.

She is missed ❤️.
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I am so sorry that Alex has passed. I have greatly admired her selflessness, kindness and fortitude. She was a great help to everyone who crossed her path. She was an angel and will be greatly missed. May she SIP.
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So very sad to hear this, I only got to know Alex in 2015 the help, advice & care she had for all was amazing.  
Definitely lost a gem!
Her husband will be in my prayers & thoughts.

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So saddened to hear this. She was such a support to me 5 years ago when I turned up here looking for answers about MS. Alex will be greatly missed.
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I'm so very sorry that she has left this place; she left it with grace,  bravery,  love and kindness.  She will not be forgotten as even these days when I hear the name "Alex" or reference to "Hvac"...she immediately comes to mind...I feel honored to have "known" her and her light.  

I'll be keeping her husband, family and friends in my thoughts and prayers...I hope they realize how many people she touched, how many people were blessed with her words and encouragement.  

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Thank you so much for letting us know. Alex was among the first people on this site to offer support and encouragement when I began this journey in 2014. She was a shining example of how to handle adversity and I will never forget her.

I will certainly keep her husband & loved ones in my prayers over the upcoming weeks and months. Please also let us know when they decide which organizations they would like us to donate to - I would like to show my appreciation by supporting the causes that meant the most to her.

This world has lost a gem.
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