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In this month, my husband and I are busy in studying all the past forum to see and learn from all of you. Especially Quix, you are just like a human web dictionary. You can answer all the questions and give us a sense of warm and feeling secure since our misery is being cleared.

Thank you all of you. And at this moment, the documents from our side are not yet received by the MS. The lady called Maria is very nice and I will keep you all informed once I have any further news.

God bless all of you here and thank you very much for all your cares to me and Kenneth.

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Hi, Vera and Greetings to your Husband!  It is always so good to hear from you.  I am doing fine, just often fatigued.  I am very honored that you read our messages to each other.  It warms our hearts that you learn from us and that we can give you comfort.  Thank you for your kind words about my teaching.

Kenneth - Hi!  My name is Quix.  It's is a pretend name which is short for Quixotic1.  It means a person who goes and fights imaginary enemies for the sake of Good.  I used to be a doctor who took care of children.  I had many thousands of children, some who were sick like you.  Your mother tells us that you are very tired much of the time.  I have MS,  I also have much tiredness and many days I have to watch others, but I have things to do while I sit.  I write messages to my friends like your mother.  I also "knit"  I make clothing with yarn and needles.

I hope you are feeling better and better.  We are still looking for special doctors here in the United States to help you.  I live in the state of Washington.  We have many mountains and rivers.  It is cool and beautiful here.  I have 4 cats.  They all say "Hi!" to you, because they love children.  I think about you and pray for your health every day!  

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Hi Vera,  It's good to hear from you.  I was just thinking about you this morning.  How is Kenneth feeling?  Is he still very tired?  I pray for him every day.  Also for you.

Keep us posted on everything,and I'll keep praying,

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Hi Kenneth.  My name is Heather and I live in the United States in a place called Virginia.  I have MS, also.

There are so many people in this forum that are hoping that you get to feeling better very soon.  The deal with MS, is that it can be active one week and totally disappear the next week.  At least this is the way the majority of people with MS are.  It's a goofy disease, that has alot of goofy symptoms.  But don't be afraid...you have alot of people here that understand what it feels like.  You are not alone, young man.  Try to remember that.

If you ever want to "talk" to any of us, I hope that you will get with your mom and write a letter to us here.  All of us would be glad to hear from you.  Maybe you could tell us what you do for fun, where you live.

Take care Kenneth.  Be strong.  And remember sweet young man...you are NOT alone.  We ALL care.

Best Wishes, Heather

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Hi, Vera. I am new to the forum. I'm glad that you come here and have found comfort here. I have found comfort here, too. It helps to know that you are not alone, doesn't it? I know how hard it is to watch your beautiful son struggle with MS.

Hi, Kenneth. I'm Sheila. I live in the state of Indiana in the United States. I have a son, too, but he is grown up with two baby sons of his own. I have two tiny dogs, called Yorkies. If they could meet you, they would give you lots of kisses. I hope you will feel strong enough to come in and visit us in this forum. You have a lot of people here that care very much about you.

I'm sending you a ((((BIG HUG))))

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Hi vera I,m new to the board as well . I haven't spoken to you but have read your posts . I wish you all the best and hope you find some help for your son xx chris
Hi Kenneth my names chris and I live in the UK very wet and windy at the moment. I live with my husband and a fat staffordshire dog called zola. Shes put a lot of weight on because shes quite old . Now looks a bit like a vietemese pot bellied piggy ! Im sure she'd love to meet you as she loves children. Hope you are feeling a little better quite soon . Lots of love chris
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Hey buddy!  Your mom and you are very welcome to come and chat with all of us when you're feeling sad, or share your triumphs with us as well!  A lot of us are figuring out how best to deal with our issues, so if you need help, there is usually someone with a good idea!  Quix is right in that even if you're too tired to run around, there are still lots of fun things to do sitting around.  I know my 5 year old son, who loves to run around, also spends WAY too much time sitting around playing his computer games!  But its also fun to explore your artistic side and play with paint and clay and whatever floats your boat.  Just play to your strengths, and you'll do great.

I'm a 31 year old gal from Washington state like Quix, just farther north.  I have a 5 and nearly 3 year old.  We live out in the country, and raise chickens for eggs and have lots of cats running around.  We have lots of critters running around here too - coyotes yip and sing for us at night, we have deer that run around and eat all my flowers, and a bear just attacked a man biking in the woods a few miles from us.  

Take care and don't let your problems hamper your happiness.  Find your strengths!

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Vera - You are an amazing Mom and I am proud to know you!!

Kenneth:  Hi there!  My name is Kristin and I live in Florida - not far from Disneyworld!  I have heard that you have not been feeling well lately and I am so sorry to hear that!  I have a son named Nicholas who is 10 and in the 5th grade - he was looking for a pen pal or maybe email pal that he could talk to and find out about your country and he can share about ours.  Nicholas has three dogs and 4 fish and he loves those video games too!  Let me know if you would like to talk to him!  

I am praying that you start feeling better soon!!!
Take care!  Kristin  
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Hi Kenneth,  My name is Carol and I live in Oklahoma.  I'm sorry that your not feeling well, I know it's a bummer.  I have a son named Zach and he plays baseball.  I love to go play catch with him but with MS I get to tired plus I have some physical problems that keep me from playing.  I do miss it though.  I know that you miss playing  when your tired but sometimes it's fun to watch too.  I love watching Zach play.  I'm sure he would love talking with you.  Anytime you want to talk with him just let me know.

I hope you start feeling better soon and I pray for you everyday.

Carol and Zach
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Hi Kenneth!
I am sorry to hear you are not feeling the best. Sometimes it helps to know there is a whole group of people who are just like you, and can completely understand! I am from the United States in a state called Ohio, I live not too far from Lake Erie. We can visit the shore and there are waves like the ocean but much smaller. I have three sons and one is your age! He really enjoys video games and is very artistic. He loves to draw and paint and can draw amazing pictures.
He really loves art sets. Maybe you would have fun with an art set also!

My other son is older, a teenager! We are learning what it is like to live with a teenager! LOL  The third son is a youngster, he is 4. He keeps everyone busy and loves to aggravate his brothers!

We live back in a large forest way off the road, so that we do not even see cars going by. We have alot of doggies that like to herd sheep and play with the boys.

What is your house like? We would love to hear about your house and what your country is like. I bet it is very beautiful. Do you have neat animals there?  Back in our forest we have animals called racoons, oppossums, deer, wild turkeys, and hawks. We have alot of black crows that yell out squaking if you walk in the woods. They think they are warning all the other animals. Isn't that cool?

Stop by here and write us a note if you feel like you are all alone in this, and we would love to hear from you!

Jazzy fizzle
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Hi Kenneth.. My name is Roxanne and I live in California in the United States.  I have 3 kids  10 yr old and 8 yr old girls  (bet you think girls are yucky, uh?)  and a 5 yr old son who had brain damage at birth...So I know being a kid is tough when you are sick...Always remember you are NEVER alone!  And your parents LOVE you for YOU!
I sure hope you get to feeling better soon!   We live smack in the middle of California.  If you would take the map of california, and fold it into.... THATS ME IN THE MIDDLE :)
We have lots of mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and I live about 4 hours from Los Angeles California.  
Always remember we are thinking of you.
Take care
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I think Kenneth is a vey brave boy and has a courageous mommy and daddy. I hope you realize that there are many people you have never met who are thinking and praying for you.

I live in NY, married for 35 years to my high school sweetie and we have an old dog who crys alot if we go out, so we try to take her wherever we go. I used to work with children and i miss it very much but since i haven't been well, i had to stop working this past year... i love being with children!

I have 2 married children and 2 grandchildren... they are the joy in my life... whenever i don't feel well, i just think about them and it makes me smile... what makes you smile?

Well, i just wanted to let you know that i think of you often and you are in my daily prayers.
Be strong little man.

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It's good to hear from you again. Our prayers, as you can see, are with you.

Hi Kenneth,
My name is Lisa, and I live in Pennsylvania in the United States. My little boy is not little anymore. He is 20, but he will always be my baby. Moms are funny like that:) I have a dog named Gordon; he is an Irish setter. His hair is red, just like mine and my son's!

Tell us when you feel up to it, about your life and where you live. We'd love to hear. There's a lot of people here who care about you and hope that you are having fun when you can. Take care. Big hugs!

Penn (Lisa)
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Hey Kenneth, how's it going??

My name is Emma.  I am 31 years old, which probably sounds really old to you but I'm a big kid at heart.  I live in England in a city called Newcastle which is in the North of England, very close to Scotland. I am married to a lovely man called Rob, it's actually my wedding anniversary today..!  I don't have any children at the moment but one day hope to have a little boy just like you. I am a teacher and teach other children the same age as you.

I know how hard it can be when you just want to play and join in but you get a little tired, I get tired too sometimes.  When this happens I just think, ok may be I can't jump about today but there's always tomorrow.

Remember you are a very special boy, how many of your friends can say they have friends from all over the world......not many I bet but you can....!

Really hope you feel better soon but remember whenever you feel sad you have lots of people who care about you and would love to hear from you anytime.

Lots of hugs and kisses



Vera and Hubby, really hope you are doing ok. As I said to Kenneth I don't have children at the moment but one day I hope to and would be really pleased to be half the parents you are.

Thinking of you all.

With love and best wishes

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Hi Kenneth!

My name is Pat and I am almost 45 years old.   I have 4 children.  I have 2 boys that are 15 and 3.  I have 2 girls that are about your age.  They are 8 and 10 years old.

I live in California.   It is usually very sunny here.  I live close to the ocean.  I can drive down to the ocean and drive to the mountains or the desert in the same day!

I am sorry that you are not feeling well.  I am also not feeling well and my doctors are trying to figure out if I have MS.   I hope and pray that the doctors from the United States can help your doctors make you feel better soon.

We would like to hear from you if you feel like writing us a note.  I wish you the best!
Pat :)
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I'm from Ohio,I live in a little town and its main income is farming.

I'm 41 and have had MS since I was 33.I know to you thats sounds old.

I have 4 children,my oldest 21 lives with her boyfriend. my 18 year old daughter is in the Navy and is studying electrical nuclear enginearing---she's vision impaired--so all things are possible.

I have a 16 year old son who plays football,wrestling and runs track,he broke his neck at the age of 2 and never thought he would walk again.Plus he has osgood slaughter disease and his elbows and knees are always in pain.But he enjoys his sports.

My youngest is a girl she's 12,she runs cross country and track and wants to be a jornalist when she grows up.

For me I have grown up in ohio and have lived in North carolina and Michigan----Now your gonna have to get a map out to see where we are all from.

I enjoy cooking,my flower gardens,my loveable dog and just relaxing with family.

MS at 9 must be rough,but I'm sure your a real strong strapping young man.We all have limitations and I wish you well and luck with all your indeavors.I'm sure you'll accomplish all that you want to acheive.With MS it just makes us stronger willed.

Nice meeting you.  
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just bumping back up so nobody misses it.
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I am happy that you are finding love, support and knowledge from this great bunch of family. There is so much to read and learn.

Kenneth, please know that all of us hear are praying for you and your family. You sound like a strong, strong boy. Remember that it is okay to feel upset and frustrated sometimes you are going through tough stuff. I know you are strong and can work through the pain and tiredness. What is your favorite thing to do to keep your mind happy?

You have a very loving mother and father who are learning lots about how to help you. Stay strong and remember to have fun in whatever way you can.

Ms. Nancy (that's what all the neighborhood kids call me)
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Hi Kenneth, welcome to the forum!!! I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well, but you will find this forum have alot of peopole that truely care, and that are so very helpful, I was was diagnosed 1 year ago as clinically possible ms, and to tell you the truth, I have learned more here in a week than I have in a year.. Quix is the best!! after reading these posts, I am like oh my gosh, that has either happened to me, or why the heck hasn't my doctor said that!! anyhow hope you fell better, and welcome again
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Hi, Kenneth!

My name is Riley.  I'm 7 years old.  I don't have school today!  I have a day off.  Do you?    I really hope you feel better.  I hurt my eye last week, and  I have to take drops.  But I know you feel a lot worse and I'm sorry about that.  

What's your favorite food?  Mine's watermelon.  Do you like strawberries?  My mom says your mom takes good care of you and that's a good deal.  

Have you ever played chess?  I'm at the chess team at school.  It's really cool.  You should try it, if you don't play.  One time I went to another state, Indiana,  to play.  I tied one game and lost one game.  But I lost to  fifth grader when I was in Kindergarten, so my coach was very proud of me.  The game lasted over one hour.

I hope you feel well, Kenneth.  I will pray for you.

Love, Riley  (I'm typing by myself.  Mom's got me covered.)
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Hi Kenneth!  My name is Patty.  I live in Ohio near Lake Erie.  I saw that someone else who wrote to you also lives near Lake Erie, but I also see that people from all over have written to you.  How's it feel to have friends from all over the world praying that you feel better real soon?  Pretty cool, huh?

I am 47.  When I was 9, I thought that if someone was 47, they were really really old.  And some days I do feel really really old.  Especially since I got sick with MS a couple of years ago.  But you can't let it stop you.  You just have to slow down a little bit sometimes.

I have a little boy too.  He HATES it when I call him my little boy cause he is 22 now.  But he will always be my little boy.  Your mom will be able to understand what I am saying, cause no matter how old you are, you will always be her little boy.  I remember when my son was your age, he never wanted to walk anywhere.  He always wanted to RUN.  So I think I understand how hard it must be to be too tired to do that right now.  I am praying that you will be able to again real soon.

I don't write a lot on this forum, but I read a lot of what everyone else writes.  I learn so much about the challenges that we all have faced or might face.  I was very sad when I learned I was sick, but just being able to be with friends here has helped me not be so sad all of the time.  If you are feeling sad or scared, everyone here will want to help you, so don't ever be afraid to ask for our help, okay?

And when you do feel better, let us know okay?  Or have your mom let us know.  That way, we'll all be able to cheer for you and send you 'high 5s'

Your friend from Ohio

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Hi, I hope you feel better today.  I am so sorry you have been so tired and haven't been feeling well. My name is Doni, and I live in Lincoln, Alabama, it is really hot here.  I have a son, Cory, who is 21.  He used to have problems with breathing because he had asthma and I worried about him all the time.  I know your mother and father worry about you and love you very much.

I am glad that your mother found this forum so that she could get information that could help you get to feeling better.  It is also nice when so many people want to be your friend, and I can see from all these posts that you have bunches of new friends and so does your mother and father.

Please feel better and take good care of yourself.  You and your mother and father have all our support and we are here for you when you need us.

God Bless

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Hello Kenneth! My name is Rick I'm 47 and I live in New York City. It is a big city like Hong Kong. I have a daughter named Ashley who is 17. You and your mom and dad sound like really wonderful people. I know it is a little scary to feeling the way you feel and not know why. Don't worry, so many people are praying for you and trying to get your parents the information that can help you. I know you will be feeling better in no time! Who knows maybe one day you will come to the US and see the "Big Apple" New York City.
Wishing you all the best, Rick
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Hi Kenneth,

My name is Sally and I live in Philippines, though I am an Australian.  I have been following your Mum's posts on how you're going and hoping that things will get better for you.  

I used to live in Hong Kong, for about 2 years, just during the handover period of 1997.  But then I moved to Philippines and I love it here and have so many friends.  I get to go to Hong Kong pretty often because my company has an office there.  Usually I get to go for meetings, and company special events and banquets.  I really like these 12 course Chinese banquets that you have in Hong Kong, though it is far too much to eat.  What is your favorite foods to eat.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you have a lot of people here looking out for you, praying, and wishing you and your family well.


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