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Alternative Therapies?

Does anyone use any alternative therapies?  Have you had postive results with them?

I'm asking because the TN and occipital neuralgia pain had gotten so bad I was having a lot of muscle tension in my neck and back from the pain.  I decided some massage therapy couldn't hurt and might help.  The massage therapist also recommended cranio-sacral therapy.  It seems quite goofy to me and the scientist and sceptic in me just can't be quite won over.  I actually do feel significantly better, but it my case it's difficult to tell what's the massage (I know the muscle tension from the pain couldn't be helping issues), titrating up the Lyrica to double the old dosage, and the cranio-sacral therapy.

The one funny tihng I noticed was that within a few hours of the first session, my sinuses (which have been blocked since November) drained!  An unexpected benefit, I guess.

My plan is to go for two more sessions and see how I feel.  In this case, I'm confident nothing I'm doing would cause any additional harm, and it *might* help, so I'll try it.

They also recommend acupuncture, but I haven't tried that yet...



Poll Question:

What alternative therapies have you tried?  Please post and tell us whether you've had positive, negative, or neutral experiences with these therapies.
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Hi. I see there hasn't been much response to this, and possibly that's because to many, 'alternate' therapies may mean rejecting mainstream approaches such as the DMDs.

Perhaps 'complementary therapies' would get you more feedback. There are some here who do get massages and acupuncture, etc.

For myself, I'm not using any of these now. Before I really suspected MS, I had acupuncture, which unfortunately did nothing. Also, out of desperation and at the recommendation of a doctor friend, I tried Rolfing, which made me worse, to say the least.

So, although I don't have anything to vote about, I hope others do.

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Going to google Rolfing.......... :)

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Hi Steph
I haven't tried any alternative or complementary therapies. I went for a pedicure once (not as a therapy but as a treat), my toes were so sensitive to being touched that I had to ask the poor girl to stop, it was like having mini electric shocks every time she touched me. I have a feeling that I would probably be the same with any sort of massage.

I do feel really good after the head massage that they do at my hairdresser's when washing my hair.

I find that exercise really helps, I can't do much but do what I can, I use a Wii Fit. I know that isn't an alternative therapy but it is something that helps me feel good..

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Steph I have used massage therapy, acupuncunture, physical therapy, meditation traction and more.

I LOVE massage therapy. I am blessed to have found a therapist that used to be an R.N. and she is fantastic. I would go once a week if I could afford it but I can't so I shoot for once a month and look forward to it big time.

I hope that you continue to see improvement in your visits.

Good Luck,
Erin :)
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I have tried many different alternative therapies. The herbs and teas I took for detoxification helped my ms the most along with chelation therapy to remove toxic metals from the tissues. Hyperbaric oxygen helped me a little in regards to having more energy. I am just starting low dose naltrexone for ms, so I cant report anything about that yet, but other people who are taking it report wonderful results.

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Montel Williams swears by a treatment called Atlas Orthogonal and there is a chiropractor who practices IUCCA treatment for ms. You may want to google this and research it further

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