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Alternative therapies

Hi all!  So I am now in the "watch & monitor" phase of things, and will be treating my symptoms.  There will be regular followup with my Neuro and MRI's at specific intervals to see how things progress.

I would like to try to treat my symptoms naturally.  My neuro is supportive of alternative therapies, about 50% of her patients use alternative therapies as a way of managing some of their symptoms.  She said that she would want to make sure that the Naturopath was comfortable & knowledgeable with MS, wouldn't try any "out there" type of treatments or anything that might engage the immune system.  

I am already seeing a Naturopath who is comfortable with my health history.  I am just begun giving myself B-12 & B-complex injections, and fish oil (yuck).  I am finding that I have more energy, I am losing weight (and not trying) and so far just feel more "leveled" emotionally. And the beauty - no side effects...hallelujah!

My neuro recommended a book - which should arrive today - Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Multiple Sclerosis by Dr. Bowling.  It is their "go to" book.  Looking forward to educating myself.

I am interested in trying some acupuncture - I did it about 4 years ago when I started having problems with my left hip being stiff (which I now think was the beginning of spasticity) and had some good success with it.  

Here's my question to the forum:  Have any of you tried alternative therapies?  Acupuncture? Massage? Herbs/Vitamins?  For what symptoms?  Did it work?


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I also started with a Healing QiGong group this week - we will meet for 6 weeks to learn the techniques and then we're on our own to keep it up.  The teacher of this class was dx'd with liver cancer and bad prognosis back in the '90s and started doing QiGong and has kept the cancer at bay - she doesn't claim a cure, but has managed radiation, chemo and other cancer cr ap with a good attitude and fairly decent health.

Anything that gets you breathing deeper and conciously is a good thing - meditation, yoga, qigong, tai chi .
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I guess all Neurologists are different. Mine pulled the plug on all my supplements and vitamins except D and fish oil.

I think for anyone a good diet is very important. I eat many different fresh vegetable and fruits daily, drink lots of water, I stay away from processed food.

I exercise an hour a day at least.

I have a friend who does reiki on me once a week.

I am now doing hypnosis. Since starting I have need far less medication for symptoms.

Good luck,

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A massage school, what a great idea!! I never thought of that. Does insurance usually cover medical massage?  I am going to look for a school this weekend.


Now I am more excited about the B12 shots if a little weight loss comes along with it lol!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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It is interesting because my insurance will only cover massage if it is done by a physical therapist or a doctor - so I can't go to an LMP or LMT, if I want my insurance to pay for it anyway.  I have a friend that is an LMP - I may see her, even though I would have to pay for it myself.  I will check into the massage school though too.


How am I losing weight without trying?  I have no idea.  As someone who has struggled with weight her whole life...this is baffling to me.  I have lost 5 pounds in the last month.  I haven't changed anything - other than starting the B12/BComplex shots.  So I can only assume that that is what is causing it?  It is something I am going to ask my Naturopath next week when I see her for my followup.

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glad you have found some alternate therapies...I'm thinking of looking into that as well.  Mostly if the meds I'm taking aren't helping...but time will tell with that.

How are you losing weight without trying??  is it the shots?  Or not taking other meds helping with that???

take care and let us know how things go
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She is an LMT - licensed massage therapist.  Ohio and one other state in the whole US are the only ones that require LMT's to actually pass an exam by the Medical Board (same board that tests doctors and nurses).  so she is well schooled on the medical side of massage.

If cost is an issue, find a massage school - call them - their massages are usually about half the cost of a private therapist.

be well,
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Oh yay!  This is exactly the response I was hoping for!  Thanks for your input!

I get the B-12 & B-Complex from the pharmacy (my insurance covers it) and my Naturopath showed me how to draw it up & how to inject it into my thigh.  She described it like throwing a dart!  :)  It's true though, just make it quick!  It doesn't hurt and it is cheaper than spending $30 every week going to her office for the shot.


So when you say it is a medical massage - do you see a Physical therapist or a doctor?  Or are they an LMP?

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I am a big advocate for both massage and accupuncture.

The massage you want will be medical massage - my person uses positional release and has lately been throwing in some sacral cranial work as well.

My accpuncturist has specifically worked on my spasticity.  And he was a big help when I was having hug problesm - the relief was immediate when he needled that area.  

Both of them spend time talking with me to assess my needs before we start treatment.

Obviously, I would recommend both as CAM for you.

my best,
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Hi Chrisy

I just ordered the same book! I hope it gets here this weekend, I would love to sit on the beach and read it. I will be starting B-12 injections with my neuro next month. I did not know you could give them to yourself! How did you get them?  I take Red Krill oil, all the benefits of fish oil and no yucky taste. They have it at Costco.  I already go to Physical Therapy and I have great success with that. Find a practioner that does Active Release Technique, its done wonders for me. No accupuncture yet, that may be next.

Good luck and be well!
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