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Amenorrhea w/ Rebif (just finishing up my titration pack)

Started Rebif almost a month ago (after being on Avonex for over a year, blah) and this week has come and gone and Aunt Flo is absent this month. Now since I was 12 there have only been a handfull of times this has happened: Getting pregnant with child #1 and Child #2 and also there was a 3 month time frame in 2007  (in the summer leading up to my initial flare up). Also my tubes have been tied, burnt , you name it it was done.. My surgeon told me it would be an act of God if I ever get pregnant again, I could be but the cheapo preggers test says NEGATORY. So that leaves two choices (for now); Either the Rebif is causing the Amenorrhea or i'm going back into one of these relapses of extreme fatigue, painful and without a menstrual cycle.. Any one elsehaving issues with Rebif and their woman issues?? Sorry it's late at night and I've taken my meds ... lol
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GB, I hope someone here can help you with this scenario - I have no experience with this and am past the days of worrying about anything reproductive.Have you considered calling your doctor to get their input?

Here's hoping it is not another relapse.
best, L
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I am on rebif and I think some where I read that it can mess with your periods.  Since being on Rebif my periods only lasts for about a day.  Even though my period has gotten shorter my MS symptoms are worse during that time of the month.  Have you called the Rebif nurse to ask questions?  They seem to be very helpful
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Thanks for your input! I have a neuro appt next week so I'm just kinda holdin off before calling my primary care physician. My preDMD and the last year+ (that I've been on the DMD) I'm so tired the week before and the week of my "period". It's awful! I hate taking the Adderall during these times because as soon as I start to "come down" it's awful. I'm debating on calling the Rebif nurses, just wanna kinda wait and see if it comes back for now lol.
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