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Any Ideas What This Weird Throat Sensation Is???

Hi To All,

Hope your week has been a good week for you all!!!

For some time now which seems to have got worst the past week & half. I have been experiencing like a bubble with numbness in my throat on & off sometimes with this lasting for many hours, on the right side. I hope this makes sense????

I have noticed there are times when I eat, no matter how small the bite is, it seems to get stuck & can take a a good few seconds to go down, which does make it feel very uncomfortable as it is passing down.

I have started my Balcofen now which is slightly helping my back muscle spasms, not my leg though for some reason, my foot keeps going over especially if I am on uneven paving.

I am not diagnosed yet, as many of you will know through my previous posts, but did not know if this was a new things for me to inform my GP about, even though I am banging my head against a brick wall at the mo with whats happening.
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sounds like a swollen throat is starting up... like a sore throat, does it hurt?  Have you had your Dr look at it to see if it infected?  

I'm not yet Dx and understand the feeling you are going through, it's very difficult to not know what is happening to your body and feel that the Dr think your a hypercontriac..??  

hang in there.. write all these things down in a timeline...date it started, how long etc.  if it's not better soon call your Dr office.
when do you see your Neuro or GP next?  

are you waiting for more tests?

take care
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Hi. Yes, this is something to talk over with your doctor. Swallowing and esophagus problems are quite common in MS. You may be referred for various studies. But I hope your experience will be better than mine, since I was shifted around to several places and doctors, only to be told there's something wrong. Well duh.

Good luck with thus.

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Thank-you for your advice regarding my wierd throat symptom really do appreciate that.

Essdipity can I ask what  causes this, is it a muscle spasm because of maybe MS.

What should I be saying to my GP as when I went about it a few months ago, she  kind of dismissed what I was saying. She did look into my mouth/throat & said everything seems fine, you have no infection & that was it really.

At that time though I was having really bad bouts of coughing fits, & I was complaining of which might seem strange, I noticed I was starting to sigh alot. I still get from time to time bad coughing fits but I have noticed I do sigh alot now for no reason at all aswell as this weird throat sensation.

What tests should be done????
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Hi Louby,
I chased an elusive lump/bubble/knot in my throat that at times I couldn't swallow through.  It has finally stopped thanks to increasing my Prevacid (proton pump inhibitor for Acid Reflux) dosage to twice a day.  

Now I don't have acid reflux but a different mystery form  that was causing the problems.  And now that you mention the sighing, I was doing thaat too and now I don't.  

I share this because so often we fixate and want to make everything linked to our MS when in fact it can be caused by something else.  

stay open to the possibilities,
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If your throat symptoms are from MS, and that's a big if, then a complex series of nerve impulses and muscle movements has gotten out of whack. If there's a 'short circuit' anywhere along the line, muscles can spasm and move in the wrong order.

Swallowing seems pretty simple, but it really isn't. A lot of things have to happen for it to work correctly. Also, a lot more things have to happen for food to reach your stomach properly. Muscles working together in peristalsis keep forcing the food downward, and at the right time the stomach valve has to open. And so on. MS can affect any of this.

I had a modified barium swallow test, which showed something wrong at the bottom of the esophagus. I also had an endoscopy, which also showed abnormalities there. All I really wanted was an esophageal motility study, whatever that may be, and don't know if that's ever going to happen.

A big problem with these tests is that the malfunction has to be occuring at the exact time the tests are run, and it seems that seldom happens. Fortunately, for me at least, the vast majority of the time things work fine. I originally started with the sensation that something huge was stuck at the top of my throat when I swallowed. That's only happened once recently. It's terribly painful when it occurs, and it didn't occur during any of the testing.

No doctor can tell if anything's wrong with your throat or your swallowing mechanism by making you say AH, unless of course they're just looking for an infection. That has nothing to do with nerves and muscles.

If this is causing you increasing problems, you might see an ENT or go to a swallowing  center at a hospital. I hope you don't get the runaround I did. I'm just dropping the whole issue unless it gets a lot worse.

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Thank-you so much for advicing & looking at maybe other options it could be.

With what you said LGK54 about Acid Reflux, brought a possiblity this could be what is causing my wierd sensation in my throat. I do suffer too with Acid & I am taking Lansoprazole 30mg twice a day, I was orginally on 15mg twice a day, but this was not helping my acid, I was nauseas on several occassions because of how bad it was getting, thankfully the higher dosage has helped me.

So if this continues then I shall go to my GP & see if my Acid dosage can go up more, hopefully then this will cure it & that I will not be going down the road of possibly MS causing this. At least I will be prepared with the tests you have mentioned  Essdipity, if this does go down that road, but I will look at Acid causing this for now!!

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Keep us posted - Iwent the other way and chased the MS idea for quite a while and through several doctors until the GI doc nailed it.
Good luck with it - I know it is quite a scarey feeling when it happens.

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I will keep you posted, I have got to go back to my GP anyway because of my right foot keep going over, especially on uneven pathing & with my head/eyes still being sensative.

To be honest am sick of being in Limboland, just want answers.
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