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Any ideas about this?

When I woke up this morning a left a lump on the gum of my upper jaw. I could not see it as it was too far back in my mouth, but it felt like a blister. There was no pain with it and even more surprising is that after a couple of hours it went completely away. I also checked my vital they they were all ok, pulse, BP, temperature. I am completely baffled by this as I have never had something like this happen before.

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Hi Dennis,
When it comes to the mouth all sorts of benign things can be going on.  A blocked saliva gland in your gums can swell and even turn hard like a pea.  Then it will spontaneously unclog itself and be back to normal in no time.

The one that gets me is why do my tori enflame?  Those are those bones just behind your front teeth on the lower jaw.  Every dentist looks in my mouth and goes on and on about my huge tori.  Sometimes they feel normal and other times they are huge.  

All sorts of stuff comes and goes in our mouths - I hope your lump stays away - you have enough to worry about without picking up some new concerns.

be well,
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Are you on Copaxone because I got a benign mouth ulcer and found out it was due to the Copaxone one of the less common side effects.. I just took a qtip and dipped in salt and pressed in the sore several times a day. It shrunk right up.

If you are worried you can get a dentist to look at it. I personally did not have the money.

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Thanks guys. I wasn't worried, just had no idea of what was going on. I suspect that you are right Lulu since I do have trouble with my saliva production.

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Dennis mine was on the saliva gland.
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