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Anybody use Wii fit?

Hey guys and dolls,

I was given the Wii fit for Mother day and apart from playing around on the first day, i've been avoiding doing it. Every night DH and DS are Wii fitting for 1/2 an hour, and although they are encouraging me to join in, i've been very reluctant. DH and i talked about me avoiding things that burst the bubble of illusion and highlight my weaknessess, eg I dont talk much when having a bad day with my noun finding. And i dont do physical activities that make me have to confront the difficulties that are still there but not as obvious.

Last night DH said he'd help me by being my fall guy, ever ready to catch me, it was late but i trust him implicitly so thought i'd have a go doing the Yoga. I've still got good posture and balance, except its not sustainable for long, and my heels hurt/burn standing still. I thought i'd start off with something i've never had trouble with before, cant remember its name. Its the one where you bend and lift your leg, resting it between your knee and groin, whilst balancing on the other leg and raising your arms. Not much of an issue balancing on the right leg but when i did the same balancing on my left leg, i just couldnt stop wobbling. I lost strength in that left leg within seconds and was fighting a loosing battle.

DH had to help me get off the Wii and its only about 2 -3 inches high, stupid left leg wasnt cooperating anymore, responding but heavy and slow. So there i was again, needing help and the physical assistance to move because i was getting weaker and weaker, bubble of illusion well and truely burst. DH had to even help he step back on the Wii so i could do the body test, he and i both were reluctant for me to do anything that required me to move my lower half. So i gave up, deflated but not defeated, and i'll have another go but it was a tad confronting.

Anyone else use the Wii fit? If so how do you work around the movement issues?


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I have the Wii for the same purpose but I haven't bought the fitness program yet...my way of avoiding?  Maybe.

I did box 4 rounds at the encouragement of my grown children.  It was so much fun to "play" with them...lots of laughter :0)

For the next three days I was miserable.  I hurt so much I thought it would be easier to lay down and die...lol.  I still haven't gotten up the courage to do it again.  I think that is called pain avoidance.

One day I will get up the nerve to try again and to buy a fitness board.  Like you I would not try it home alone.  For me that would be down right stupid.  But I could be convinced to try while honey is outside.  When I fall I will simply call his cell phone and tell him to come get me up.  Now there is a plan.

Right there with you,
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Have it, have had it since Xmas, not out of the box.  Yet.
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Hi there, I have on and use it quite often.  I do not do the Yoga ones that require you to balance on one leg... I couldn't do that one at all and there are some I can use.. I find it very helpful as I can't walk very far even with my walker or cane.

I tried to Yoga going out to meet people and that was good for about a month, then I found I couldn't get up at the right time to attend it and missed most of the program...so I'm doing this at home.

only the ones like twist from side to side, the one for abs... laying on the floor and doing a V with legs and arms.  I do some strength ones too... but I have to have both legs down and not go on my toes at all.

I do the Hula Hoop one, and I try the bike one, but find that difficult to manage.  Coordination isn't that good.. but I find it's helped me do something.. I wasn't getting any excercise at all and I enjoy doing what I can.. I try to last 15 min.. that's a long enough time for me right now.

take care and do things slowly..have fun if you can..
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I did have a try on my teenage kid's Wii, but my fitness age rather put me off and have since remained a Wii virgin ......

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I havwe been doing the Wii Fit for about a year now. I have balance issues so I don't do anything that is one legged. I do some of the twisting type yoga stuff, some strength one (arms) and some of the game ones. I think it is a matter of picking the ones you can do without killing yourself.

I also use some other games for the Wii to get a little bit of exercise. Wii sports ( the bowling is great), and Wii game party 3 (Horseshoes, pool, and shuffleboard)

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I lov the Wii! I started out using the Wii Fit, I mainly did the hula hoop and the step exercises, anything on one leg forget it!

About 4 months ago I got the Wii Biggest Loser, it is really good. If you have seen the Biggest Loser TV programme you might think that the exercises would be way too difficult but this is not the case.

Your age and fitness level is taken into account.

Obviously it is more aimed at people who are trying to lose weight though I imagine it can be used just for fitness.  I find it has helped me to get more supple, I have certainly progressed in the months that I have been using it.

I have the window open and wear loose clothes and make sure that I don't overheat.

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I'm interested in the Wii, but can't afford it right now.  I think the fitness program is great, but anything that gets you to move is a good idea.  I plan on finding games that don't involve balance or running, because I'll just fall over!
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Hey Guys and dolls,

I predominantly do adapted yoga, my kitchen benches help me out, a lot lol. In truth, I do more stretching than anything else. I've been in a lot of pain from what i believe are spastic intercostal muscles in my back. Its been going on so long that i creak like an old whicker chair. Its a catch 22, if i stretch out my back to ease the pain there, i end up cracking my um um um um um cant find the word, the place where the front ribs join, and that hurts like a sledge hammer!

I was hoping i could do something on the Wii fit that would help but i seem to have a few issues that makes it seem imposible lol. I cant do the upper body things cause of the ribs, i havent been able to hold my arms above my head for way too many years already and (not like i need anything else lol) my eyes are making me feel off. Just moving my head around makes my eyes drift off target and my head space feels spacey, i'm not actually sure if that should be the other way around lol. Oh and i cant forget the bleeding tremors!

Then we get to the lower half, gord its like a never ending story, i was hoping i could do more than i am or can. I think i'm not having a good week........., almost everything is worse at the mo, but it will pass, in the mean time the family is back to guessing whats that missing word.lol


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ohhhhh just found the missing word, is it sternum? lol it only took me 8 hours to find it again. Roll on next week, i want this one over with already!

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I always push for the missing word.  Drives everybody else crazy, but I figure I'm relearning where everything is.  Yup, sternum is the front part where your ribs join.  

Sometimes people are misdiagnosed with costochondritis when they're actually having the MS hug.  I wonder if you've got some inflammation of the intercostal muscles (probably caused by spasticity!) that's making your pain worse.  
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