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Anyone else have hands tingling after a deep breath?

I have a new symptom that I just noticed in the past few weeks.  When I exhale after sighing or taking a deep breath both my hands tingle.  It doesn't happen if I consciously take a deep breath, I can't make it happen.  Does this happen to anyone else?  The tingling only happens for a second, it kind of comes on like a wave or a shock and then goes away.  I have tingling at other times just out of the blue, but this happens every time I exhale deeply.  

I also had a hard time yesterday with my legs.  I had to stand for awhile and my legs started feeling really heavy and achy and I finally had to sit down.  For the rest of the day my right leg was achy.  I'm very discouraged right now because I had 2 days of feeling great last week and thought maybe I was going to be fine.  I thought I could finally get on with life.  I'm tired of feeling sick as I'm sure a lot of you  are.  I just wondered if anyone else experienced the tingling when they exhale.  It may be nothing but I guess I'm paying more attention to the little things.
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I have tingeling a lot but I have never really noticed if it happens when I exhale.  I have it most of the time so I probably couldn't tell anyway.  I'm sorry this is happening to you and I hope that someone will pitch in who knows more than I do which leaves it wide open.lol  I do wish you the best.

I'll be praying,
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Thank you - I appreciate the prayers.  I'm very frustrated today.  Last week I had 2 good days that made me think I was going to be OK and could forget about all this.  I just talked to my neuro and he doesn't feel the need to do any MRI's and when I told him about my leg getting achy he just said that he didn't know what that was.  I don't know where to turn and feel a blow-off from my neuro coming.  He has been nice on the phone and seems caring but he thinks that since my myoclonus isn't as bad as before that I'm not as bad off as I was 9 years ago when I saw him.

I just snapped at my kids and I'm feeling bad about it so I need to go take care of them.  Thanks for being here for me.

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I have the same thing happen to me.
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Ok, I just now realized this was a multibple sclorosis web page.  I was actually just looking up this hand tingling while taking a deep breath thing, when I ran accross this.    As far as I know I dont have ms, but have had these symptoms before.  
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I also have this happen to me, but I don't have MS that I know of.  I have had this happen for years and asked the doc about it one time and he didn't have a clue.  If you figure it out please post it here.  I haven't ever been able to find any info about it.
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Hi, actually, I am undiagnosed.  But as to the hand tingling thing after a deep breath, while inhaling, yes, I get this almost always now.  I also notice, that even when I am at rest, and breathing slowly, normally, my lungs will suddenly take in a quick sharp breath, like the others weren't supplying enough oxygen to my body.  

When I mentionned it to one doctor, he suggested it was anxiety.  One, I don't suffer from anxiety.  I'm a very calm person.  Two, there was nothing to be anxious about.  And I was not doing anything strenuous, in fact, I just did it.  And it wasn't the power of suggestion, LOL.  I've been doing it a lot lately.  

Maybe it's no more than the extra oxygen getting to our extremities, causing a rush of feeling.  

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I thought I posted this last night but I am not finding it. I have been diagnosed with MS  this winter after 5 years of uncertinity. The more recent testing started last Sept. and in Aug. I decided to go an alternative route, my friend told me about a herbalist so I went there. This woman is good, I didn't want to tell her my symptoms or any issues before she checked me just to test her to see if she really knew what she was doing, she knows exactly what she is doing! She said all my symptoms were ACTING like MS, and the computer was showing I had it, then she put some meds on a plate that was hooked up etween me and the computer, and the MS was gone! Turns out I have Heavy Metal Poisioning and the numbness I was experiening in both hands, feet and legs was due to the metal that had attached themselves on my nerves. Within 3 days my symptoms were gone. If anybody has the opportunity to go see a herbalist I stongly suggest doing it. My doctor never even tested me for heavy metals...I am very disappointed in our health care system. The only side affect I have had from the meds my herbalist has put me on is my life is better, I sleep better, smell better (which isn't always great), hear better and my mood and attitude are better, which my husband and children are very thankful for! I do from time to time have tingling in my hands, but that just tells me to go to the chiropractor and have my neck adjusted (I have a pinched nerve in my neck) and the tingling is gone before I walk out of the office.
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I also experience the tingling in the hands when I take deep breaths sometimes.  I have polycythemia vera and venous sagital sinus thromboses in my brain.  It feels like a shock surge.  What are you diagnosed with?  Thanks -Jackie
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I just got online.  I was looking up tingling in the hands when taking a deep breath.  Interesting to see what other comments are out there.  I am under investigation now for cns lupus...but I wonder if it's MS?  My ana is positive and fairly high.  My face burns at times, short memory, have tingling in the head at times as well as feet, my smell isn't as sharp as it use to be either.

I also have had seizures this past year and am off work because of it.  I am going for a nerve conduction test soon.  Has anyone had that done?  what's involved.  Is it acurate or sketchy depending on the doctor , etc.??
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I've not had a nerve conduction test, but many people have had this test--so I'm bumping this up.

I get the tingling in the hands when taking a deep breath thing, too, and have no idea what causes this.  I don't have this symptom anymore, though.

Lupus can cause peripheral neuropathy.  I wonder if that is what is causing your tingling sensations.  

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Why don't you start a new discussion and tell us about yourself?  You can go to the top of this page and click on "Post a Question" then tell us about yourself.

How how is your ANA?  The titers that are 320:1 and higher are far more likely to be associated with an autoimmune inflammatory disease (like lupus) than are lower titers (like 1:40, 1:80, or 1:160).

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My ANA back in April of this year was 1:320.   I had been experiencing seizure like symptoms from Dec 07 til now.  They are not like epilepsy where you blank out.....I am coherant and can feel everything, I just can't move or talk, and my left arm, legs and sometimes whole body jerk a lot.  It's like my body becomes electrical.  This can last 30min-5 hrs. I get headaches, dizziness, tingling head, blank in the head.  My motor skills just stop.  These seizure episodes are triggered with the onset of my period, but can happen through out the month as well.

  When I went to the Rheumy. at the beginning of Aug. my ANA had dropped to 1:280.  It was in August that I started getting the tingling in the hands everytime I took a deep breath. Through Aug-Sept was rough.  (July wasn't too bad) I had a lot of seizure like episodes, intense headaches, dizzy like headaches were the worse, then fatigue and memory have been there for the past year as well.

UPDATE to nerve conduction test:

October wasn't a bad month.  It seemed everything was settling down, no seizure episodes that put me right down, however, my legs would snap with a jolt suddenly when I went to bed on ocassion and only mild tingling fuzz in the head.   Still lots of tingling and headaches periodically.  I thought I was on the way out of this......not!

My memory test showed below average for a woman of my age, 40ish, and the nerve test showed no nerve damage.  Not really surprised by that since I am fine other times and I didn't have numbing.  The bottoms of my feet, heels particularily, are sore when I stand in the morning and my legs don't feel so strong, from lower back joint sensation, which makes it difficult to walk.....I sort of wabble in the morning for a while.

Now it's Nov. (coming to a full year) and I can tell my body is in for another bought.  This time when I had a seizure (worse) my hand and feet were very cold with tingling and now a numb sensation.  All day I couldn't warm up even though I had my pj, housecoat, socks, blanket and heat jacked up.  ??   My arms and legs feel numb, but not totally, I can't tell if my limbs are warm or cold.  Strange to explain, but when I put my hands to my face I can tell they feel cool and my hands and feet look whiter.

I've only just been wondering if these are similar to MS symptoms?

I'm very frustrated with the doctors.  My family doc. is great, but has no answers, and the Rheumy I only saw once....still investigating??  The neuro says, it's stress.......awwwwwwww!  Ya,  ....like I'm getting stressed as a result!

Any clues would be nice??
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I also have the pins and needle sensations in my hands and sometimes my feet when i take a deep breath or just sigh. I was just sitting here playing solitaire when i decided to finally look it up and see if anyone else had this problem. It feels like im being shocked. I'll just be sitting here calmly, breathing normal and then i take an extra breathe for some reason that is deeper and here comes the wave of pain but only for a second but that short second really hurts. I couldn't imagine if that pain were constant! I don't have MS so i cant imagine the pain you all must go through. I also have twitches in my body, like if im just sitting here on the couch with my feet up watching tv my leg will suddenly jerk for no reason and some times it can be my arm, either arm or leg and my family will see it happen and ask if im ok. The jerking movements don't hurt. But i thought it was pretty weird that when you said you cant make the tingling happen on purpose by taking a deep breath so i tried it and your right it has to happen by it self! Lol. If you ever hear anything else about our symptom please post it on here. I will do likewise for you. Thanks for listening. Jennifer
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when i take a deep breath i too have a suge run to my hand and tingling afterward
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I have the exact problem...when I take a deep breath or when I sigh it hurts in my hands for maybe just one second, sometimes it's like a burning sensation. I do not have any health problem and I think it could be due to a rush of excess oxygen in the blood and not enough carbon dioxide. This also is very common in people who hyperventilate and even in people who have panic attacks. If you have  any info on that please let me know ***@****
This problem started about a year ago...thanks
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I have the same thing happen yo me! Its the weirdest feeling and it just started happening in the past year or so. I cant imagine that this is a normal occurrence. I think Im gonna go see a specialist and see what they say. If anyone gets a concrete answer from a doctor please post. I will be back here with my results :) I hope all goes well.
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I have the tingling in my hands and feet, legs too, when I take a deep breath.  It happens everytime I take a deep breath, whether voluntary or involuntary.  The involuntary breaths (gasps for air) kind of scare me.  Anyway, I don't have MS and my sympathy goes to those who do.  I do, however, have many of the symptoms of MS.  I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I also have panic and anxiety attacks.  Most of my "MS Like" symptoms have bothered me for most of my life, I'm 50.  I've had the MRI, the heart tests, and all the blood tests many times.  I smoke and I know that is not good at all.  I also don't get enough of regular exercise.  I feel great after I do something that gets me breathing heavy.  It is like a "rush" of oxygen to the brain, and I can actually think better.  My doctor told me to take deep breaths regularly.  It does help me, and the tingling just makes me think that my feet and hands are getting what they need.  I do have the headaches sometimes when I take a deep breath, but not all of the time, usually just around that horrible time of the month.  I think I have PMDD, but I'm not going to see a Dr. for it.  I've pretty much learned to "watch" myself during this time.  This month there were two periods, so the craziness snuck up on me.  
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I just got on-line to look up the tingling in my hands when I take a deep breath. I was surprised when it came up on am MS page. I have MS but I have never gotten on-line concerning it. Amazing that it would bring me straight to this site! I have had MS for several years but only just recently began the Copaxone injections. Being as the first place I was directed was to this site I imagine it must be something having to do with this less than considerate desease we share in common. I noticed that your post was from awhile ago and hope that you are doing well.-Jaegergirl
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I also get electric shock sensations in my hands , feet and legs, when  ibreath deep ,cough , or something startles me iget through out my body . I have had these syntoms for about 10 years and it is progressing, making my life very difficult now. I've been to a lot of doctors and a few nuerologist ,whom look at me like i'm stupid when i tell them what is going on.I have an appointment with U of M in a couple of weeks and I hope they can figure this out. Now my legs wanna go out on me and i get these light headed feeligs my wife likes to call episodes, LOL thanks for listening  I willl keep you up dated thanks Mike
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Yes I have had this happen to me for years. Its like an electric shock/prickly feeling down my arms into my hands for a second or so after I take a deep breath. I am going to a neurologist in a couple of days and getting an MRI tomorrow to test for MS. Although this is not the reason I am being tested for MS I am definitely going to ask about this tingling on deep breaths so I will update you and let you know what she said!
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OK so I asked the neurologist about these tinglng hands when exhaling and it didnt sound like she was too sure what it was. She said sometimes when a nerve on the spine is being pressed that it can cause tinglng down the arms. Whether that is what it is I do not know? My MRI was normal so there is nothing to suggest MS.
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I went to u of m were they told me it isnt neurological. So my physician said It might be a good ideal to be admitted to the hospital for a few days so they can run some test. They did a bunch of test that i have already had done before, but they did do some extensive blood work and found i have a  high white blood cell count so they want to run more tests in that area. So he has involved a oncoligist to help in the findings, I'll keep in touch and let you know.
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I have exactly what you describe. I explained it to my rheumatologist when it first started 9 years ago and he said, "interesting symptom". I suppose that can be interpreted as I don't know and I don't care.

I don't have MS.

I was being treated for spondylosis and fibromyalgia. I am in remission from the spondylosis now, but not the fibro.
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I have also had these same symtoms and I know mine are caused by smoking. Poor circulation is blood vessels become blocked and constricts the walls of the arteries and veins. This interrupts the normal flow of blood through the vessels and results in poor circulation.Which is the result of the tingling felt in your hands and finger tips. A variety of conditions can be brought on by poor circulation such as high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, varicose veins, peripheral artery disease, heart disease, kidney damage, aneurysms, arteriosclerosis, Raynaud’s disease and phlebitis and of course SMOKING.

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