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Anyone else refuse the spinal tap and still received MS diagnosis?

I refused the spinal tap, but have the brain lesions.  Start Copaxone Friday.  Not looking forward to any of this. I'm second guessing myself, like maybe I don't really have MS..haha but I'm still not getting the spinal tap.
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Hi and welcome,

The LP can be very useful additional diagnostic evidence when there isn't enough clinical, VEP and MRI evidence to meet the minimum MS Mcdonald criteria of 2 or more attacks, (2+ lesions in 2 or more of the four areas typical for MS lesions  are periventricular, cortical/juxtacortical, infratentorial and spinal cord).....technically if your MRI evidence was already consistent with the Minimum needed to meet the criteria, the LP evidence wouldn't of been necessary for you to be diagnosed.

Denial is very common, it can take a year or two sometimes to accept the validity of being dx-ed with MS, it's not uncommon to need a second or third MS specialising neurologists opinion before believing the dx is correct, try not to beat your self up about refusing to have the LP.....breath!  

I don't actually recall anyone specifically being dx-ed after 'refusing' to have an LP but there are thousands of people dx-ed with MS who's LP results didn't show up unique CSF Obands. Approximately 10-15% of pwMS don't have the suggestive-consistent LP results to add weight to their dx of MS but CSF OCBs may substitute for a second clinical event or MRI finding for DIT so an LP can definitely be very informative diagnostic information......keep in mind that LP evidence wouldn't rule out MS or over ride all the other suggestive-consistent MS diagnostic evidence that you have but if you need more understanding of your dx please speak to your neurologist!

I hope that helps.......JJ
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I was Dx'd just with brain MRI. I had loads of classic Dawson's Fingerrs. The also did EVP etc, all confirming, adding to the MS proof. When they did the LP, the MBP was definitely HIGH.
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