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Anyone had success with alternative therapies

Greetings to all from the land down under.

Since telling those closest to me a few short weeks ago that I most likely have MS from positive Oligoclonal bands in CSF and lesions in brain and spine I have had some pretty out there suggestions on the 'cure'. I know, I know this sounds crazy but many have suggested problems with the gut are related to the immune system. I haven't ever thought I had a problem in this area previously. People have suggested expensive tests for parasites, bacteria, then a vegan/vegetarian,celiac diet and wait for it...even a 'fecal transplant' (yuck) as a cure.

I understand MS is a worldwide problem affecting a significant number of people that generates millions of dollars in research and I don't really want to go outside the advice from the MS society. However, there is nothing like a bit of first hand information. So to all you lovely people: has anyone experienced a positive change in their MS as a result of changing diet, killing parasites, swapping poo or smoking dope? I understand that if you lose weight and cut down on alcohol etc you will feel better but I am asking specifically about a reduction in MS symptoms like the numbness and tingling that I have from my sternum to my toes.

Blessing to all
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Hello and welcome fellow Ozzie,

You've landed in a great place, full of wise and witty people. If you haven't located them already, I highly recommend reading out health pages, top right of your screen the yellow icon. There you will find answers to many of your MS questions and probably a few you haven't even thought of yet, so well worth reading.

One thing i've learned is that although people mainly want to be helpful, they often haven't a clue what they are talking about. It seems that the wackier the 'cure' the more people know about it and just can't wait to tell you about, "a friend of a friend's cousin who 'had' MS, they were once in a wheelchair but they did xyz and now they are climbing mountains", or something as equally implausable and along those lines lol

I tried eating my self well but those pesky tremors, muscle spasms and fatigue didn't want to shift for the better, just kept getting more frequent and once i started walking like a string puppet, well i figured stuff the healthy diet, lets try eating what I want when I want and see if that helps, ahhhhh nope! I eat healthy and still indulge in cake and icecream lol sort of a happy medium, eating better is always going to be better for you but the sx dont change, basically they are what they are.

Some of the more interesting loopy ideas are bee sting therapy and ingesting parasitic worms but i think i might have to add 'fecal transplant' to my list of 'OMG are you kidding me, thats THE cure?!' hmmmm I wonder who the donners are? Hope its Bonno lol

Again welcome aboard!

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You are so wise to ask these questions.  Be prepared to hear all sorts of helpful suggestions for cures from family, friends and even strangers.  So many people will have suggestions.

Most of us have room to improve our diets, and there is no arguing that can make us feel better but it won’t cure our MS.

You have a life time ahead of you to learn more about MS – ask lots of questions and educate yourself.  Knowledge is power and by arming yourself with information you  will be able to fend off suggestions such as fecal transplants (which is a new one to me!).

We'll look for you around.
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JJ, it's funny you mentioned the bee sting therapy... Someone told my husband about it so he did some research on it then started hounding me to do it... I was like you go stand out there and let a million freakin bees sting you and then I'll think about it... hahaha... Do I really have stupid stamped across my forehead? lol... Needless to say I didn't do it...

Other than that I really haven't heard of any whacked out cures for MS but I'm sure there are a lot of them out there... If it's gonna cause me pain though you might as well save your breath... I have enough of that without purposely adding it to myself...lol... I hope others will reply to this, I need a good laugh...

I'll be praying,
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Since I was diagnosed well meaning friends and those I do not know have handed me articles and books on "MS Cures". My favorite was a pair of sunglasses with flashing lights that if worn an hour a day would repair my brain. I noticed my friend who paid hundreds for this device never uses it any more.

I had a Chinese Doctor who did not want me to start on the Copaxone. She could and had "Cured" MS. I ran.

I have changed my diet and exercise more. My reasons are simple. I can't afford MS or most other medical care. Right now my limited medical care is 50% of our income.

I recently went on a diet for my gut. It is eating fruits, vegetables, plain Greek Yogurt, nuts in small amounts all day to push the gut along. I also eat some whole grain rice and lean meat. I have to stay away from many things I like. I cheat once and my gut goes back. The good news is I can control it with out medication or laxatives.

My latest idea is boosting my Glutathione levels through diet. Eating certain vegetables, fruits, nuts, and spices. I have read some studies on it for MS. I do not go on line there are lots of bogus sites trying to sell you stuff.

Do I still have MS symptoms. You bet ya. Dropping 40 pounds and exercising has helped. I have high vitamin levels with out supplementation. All my other health numbers are great, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc, It is easier not carrying the extra weight.

I stay away from anything that says cure. I am willing to do things which seem reasonable. The diet I have chosen with out processed crap is what I should be eating anyway. I like the saying "You would not put sugar in your gas tank?


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Great question.  I changed my diet when I was dx with MS. Low fat and stayed away from dairy, all red meat, any added sugar, no processed foods...lots of veggies, fruits, brown rice, small servings of lean meats.

I also made a point of exercising about 5 times a week, mostly swimming in the hotter months and a sort of yoga and walking in the winter months.

I feel great and my sx have faded BUT each and every time I had a replase in my past, the sx faded without any of these changes.  So, I don't attribute the fading sx to the changes in diet or exercise BUT it definately has helped me be a healthier person which is something that is so important when we are dx with an incurable disease.

The times I have indulged with sugar (like our church dessert auction) I have felt like cra p the next day.  Pretty sure I would feel that way even w/o the MS but it's important to me to control what I can b/c there is so much I can't.

The important thing is to live as healthy a life as you can w/o being so hard on yourself that you aren't really living. It's a balance but very doable.  

Good luck to you and welcome.

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Great question - and yes - people come up with some crazy ideas of how you can "cure" yourself!  But I always think about what the experts who have studied this disease for years  say - and try to stay up on the research.

I love my monthly massage - It just makes me feel better - and as she is giving me my massage I think about her "healing hands".

I also exercise - used to run - but now try and walk daily - mix some light weights in - swimming is great although I don't do it that much.

I meet with a psych to work on emotional impact of chronic illness - meditation is great to quiet the mind when I can do it - yoga too.

The biggest message that makes sense to me is - there is no cure, but anything you can do for yourself to improve your overall health, will only be a benefit.

I also find humor to help a lot - my sister and I are going through the same thing and we just get laughing at some of our humor - which others would probably not understand - they may think we're a bit "sick".  

Best of luck on your journey - oh and yes - I love this site for support and information - best I've found!

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