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Anyone taking Provigil for fatigue?

So far Provigil has mostly been beneficial for me .  .  .  it usually gives me the energy and focus I need to get some things (but not all) done.  

But yesterday and today I just can't seem to focus on anything.  It is SO frustrating .  .  . I think I have the energy to do things  .  .  .  but I don't know where to start .  .  . or I begin something only to be sidetracked to another.

I think maybe I might be overdoing it on my "good" days - and I thus come my "bad" days.

This is so frustrating .  .  . any words of wisdom??

Thanks, Julia (Dx. Fibromyalgia - though experiencing a lot of MS-like symtoms)

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I take Provigil.  I have fatigue that began with severe, intractable (non-MS) vertigo.  Then the vertigo doubled with the MS.  I started out on 200mg and went to 300mg.  I could fucntion, really had to becasue of a major medical thing in my family.  But, I seriously overdid it and crashed hard (bed for 2 weeks).  

You have to pace yourself, even though you feel like you can do so much.  The crash can undo all of Provigil's help.  It's hard to do less than you have enrgy for, but slowly you can work up a little.

My trade off was that the Provigil, being a brain stimulant, caused a big increase in my tinnitus (roaring in my head).  This is one of my major limiting symptoms and I couldn't stay at the higher dose.  So now I am on half a tablet (100mg) and doing, "okay."  Wish I had more energy, but not willing to attemtp to FedEx my head to the East Coast in desperation from the noise.

So, yes, even out (do less) on your goood days.  In the end, you'll end up having more good days.

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Quix, thanks for your comments!  

Yes, some days I feel like superwoman and want to do all the things I dream about doing during my down times.  

I currently take 200 mg every morning and don't seem to have any side effects (knock on wood!)

I am looking forward to hopefully having more good days in the future and wish you the same!

Thanks again,


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I also take 100mg of Provigil a day.  For the most part, it has been very beneficial.  I do have periods where I can not sleep.  I try to pace myself, or I will face the inevitable crash.  Anytime my other symptoms are acting up, I find that the Provigil can not keep up with the fatique.  When tired or overheated, I can't string together a thought . . . but I am still much better with the Provigil than without.  I just hate having to rely on meds to make it through the day.

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I just started ProVigil today. My neuro gave it to me a week ago and I've been staring at it sitting on my kitchen counter--a little nervous about it. Anyway, I took 100mg today. I really feel it. I don't feel that "if I don't go lie down for a half an hour right now I'm going to drop dead" feeling that I have been getting in the afternoons. I'm not "wired" or feel weird at all--just almost normal. Another benefit is that my tremor and diziness do not make me so frustrated because I'm not SO tired. Being SO tired makes everything seem worse. So, as this has just been day 1 for me I wonder how much of my feeling is the placebo effect? I mean could it make me feel noticably different after one dose. i hope I can stay just at 100 mg because this feels great. Good luck to you Julia--I think Quix's advice is right on. Even w/o the drug I can tell a big difference in how I feel on any given day based on how hard I pushed it the day or days before.
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I haven't been on here lately but came to ask about this med. Just saw the neuro and he prescribed it. UH 647.00 per month??? my insurance won't cover it and he has no samples as people where stealing it!!!

HELP any ideas? I did not far well on the Neurotin and went off it the other day so now on nothing really and Nero wants me off my zanax and on this old antidepressant that I already know I can't take (been there done that) frustrated.
my pain is a bit better my agitation from the neurotin is improving but I need to be awake as I need to work so very badly things are not going good in my life. I need cash. Need my life.
Thanks for any advice,
JUST dx with Fibro until he see's more symt of MS I am sorry to whine but this is messing with my life I want to be awake today more then out of pain. bet I will change my mind on that when the pain comes back eh...
preaching to the choir I bet! thanks again
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My Provigil (100 mg) runs about $250 a month . . . and I thought that was bad!!  What dosage are you on?  Do meds vary that greatly across the country?  A representative from my insurance company actually recommended that we have the doctor "justify" the medication, and there was a chance it would then be covered.  I am in the process of doing this.  Perhaps someone else will chime in with more info.

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He put 200 mg twice a day so I figure maybe since I am a whimp I could make it last 3 months? do 100 mg? In WA state and I know costco would likely save 50.00 or so but they said you have to have check this out.....
"narcalepsy, work shift work (not kidding) or sleep apnea, pilot" are the approved uses!

they will only write Fibro for now still MS with a question mark. So I tell the nurse I do shift work I am a mom!!!

I need to get back to work and quick and this would help I would like to be thinking and awake to get a job!!!
Seriously thinking getting married for the convience of insurance maybe worth considering.... if he doesn't have to live with me open to ideas :-)  oh darn I would have to date? or leave the house hum need a new plan!!! :-)

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Thanks everyone for all of your responses.  : )   It is frustrating that I haven't been able to battle my fatigue naturally - I am on a gluten free and dairy free diet - take vitamin, mineral and fish oil supplements - get plenty of sleep - and try to stay fairly active - but, I am glad that I have Provigil even though it is not a "cure" for the fatigue it certainly has helped tremendously.

Mary, you might want to look into the 2X a day prescription and consider just taking it once at first.  I have found that if I don't take my 200 mg 1 X a day early enough in the day, say 6:30-7:30 AM that I have trouble sleeping at night as it hasn't worn off yet.  I am not a doctor, but 400 mg/ day sounds a little high.  

Also, I am fortunate that my insurance covers it, but my GP did look into a pharmacy in Canada where he could get it for me for about $200 for 3 months - I am assuming this is legitimate!  I will find out the details and maybe this could save you some $$$.

Regarding the effectiveness of Provigil:  I was researching the side effects of this drug and read that it is OK to take Provigil with food, but that it may delay its effects for about one hour.  So my routine is to take it right when I get up in the morning and delay eating my breakfast for at least an hour.  

Wishing you all a happy and fatigue-free day!


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