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Anyone using a bicycle for exercise or fun here?

I just started riding my bike again - and even bought a new one. I can't explain how wonderful it is - as I don't enjoy walking that much anymore - and my balance and "bike" legs are coming back - I even take one of my dogs along with me now. Even though the heat usually bothers me alot - for some reason when I bike, nothing seems to hurt or bother me.

Any one here have some biking tips or things to share - has or does it help you feel better?

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That's great to have re-discovered a hobby like that.  Are there nice places that are safe (from traffic and in general) near you?  I'd just worry if you've ever had symptoms in your legs that you'd want to be in a very safe place while you are riding.

I'm not an outdoors person, I burn easily and am totally afraid of all bugs!  I bought an elliptical trainer last fall, and I use it everyday, often in the AM and PM.  It's great to not have to be on display at a gym, let alone the time and money to get to one.  There are poles you hold with your arms, and it's a lot like riding a bike standing up.  

Before my symptoms, I didn't really like to exercise, but it has a different meaning to me now.  I feel good about myself when I take care of my body through diet and exercise.  I think it's tough to find something you enjoy and can stick to, you need to be willing to try different things.  I posted somewhere else that sitting about 2 hours less per day will allow you to burn 350 more calories/day, and that adds up to around 35 lbs a year!  So even small activities can help.

Good luck, and wear a helmet!  (I'm personally always amazed at how many people skip this, and let their kids skip it, too.  Sorry to nag, but I hope you protect yourself!)
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Good for you!

I used to ride my bike and skateboard (big here in SoCal way back when) when I was younger.   I'm sad at how sedentary I have become and I really think it does affect my Sx.

I briefly went for a bike ride with my 11 yo and I had forgotten how much I really enjoyed it.   It actually didn't hurt my back at all, which is not what I expected.   Unfortunately, the seat hurt my big ole' bum, but I can probably fix that if I can find a bike seat big enough!   LOL

I have been debating buying a bike.   The weather here is actually pretty pleasant year 'round, so we have make good "bike riding" days.

Enjoy yourself!!!

Take care, Pat :)

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Hi there - yeah, bought a good helmet too. I figure that when I feel good I will bike - I love the sense of freedom and there are tons of bike trails near me - and special bike paths - I go out real early in the AM on the weekends when not many cars are about - mostly just country roads. When my son was young, I taught him to surf off the CA coast - so I do have a deep sense of getting out and taking the plunge that I have been missing lately.

I enjoy biking so much and I want to enjoy what I can do now - one never knows what tomorrow will bring.

My next doctor visit with the GP is on the third of July and then the specialist on the 5th of August - so I should know more soon. My arms get weak even when typing, like now, but for some reason the biking just works. I like the elliptical trainer idea - but I spend so much time indoors that it really lifts my spirits to get outside and go as fast as I can - which sometimes is not very fast. Taking "Sky" along helps me feel safe too as she is almost 100 pounds and too always with a cell phone for emergencies - which so far haven't happened. I did add a front wire basket to my bike for water and lunch just in case I need a break. The MS society has a special on their web site - get out and bike thingie...now I know why! Thanks for the encouragement.

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Seats come in all sizes and softness too - some of them even have "gel" inside and bikes with shocks - I got one that has special shocks so I won't feel the bumps so much and I added a large mirror to the left handle bar so I can see what is coming up from behind me without turning my head.....it just takes a little bit to get those bike legs back.....and I was somewhat afraid at first...but made progress real fast.

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