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Anyone want to hear about Maui?

I feel like I'm repeating myself; I typed a nice long post, then hit something wrong and lost it all.  Doggone laptop!  Oh, I love it, or I couldn't be in touch with y'all at all, unless I went over to one of the local pay-for-use computer places.  There's one downstairs in the gym, but the seats are those tall stools like in bars; really don't like them!

Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying our 7th floor condo with sliding glass doors in both the living room and bedroom.  The one in the living room opens on a good-sized lanai with table and chairs for whale watching and tea drinking, and the one in the bedroom just opens onto a small area to stand and look at the ocean, stars, the island of Lana'i, whatever.

It's 75 degrees, mostly cloudy, 61% humidity, very pleasant.  I can hear kids playing on the beach, and the sound of the ocean.  I'll go out for a walk in a while, and take some pictures with a good camera, not just my cell phone.

Went to a Swap Meet/Farmer's Market in Kahului this morning and got lots of papayas, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, more produce, fresh baked goods, yummy jams and jellies and some other stuff.

Our first day here (Thursday), they put us in a condo on the ground floor with a broken sliding glass door that wouldn't lock.  We moved up here the next morning, and were so very happy with the view and everything!

We've done some shopping for supplies, eating at favorite places, and enjoying the slower pace of the islands.  Except of course when we went into Kahului; that's a crazy big city without sufficient roads/traffic signals for all the residents and tourists that stream through it.

There is a new market in Lahaina that carries my favorite frozen yogurt, so I'm in heaven!  Actually, it carries alot of stuff that I'd normally go to Down to Earth Foods in Kahului for, so I'm real happy about that.

That's enough for now.  I'll update you again if I do something exciting or stupid (no, I don't PLAN on doing anything stupid, :o)  ), or just come visit when I miss you and my roommate isn't using the computer for business.

Wish you were here!  All of you!


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WOW - that sounds wonderful!  Enjoy your little slice of heaven for me  :)  It is -1 & snow & more freezing rain are coming  :(     HAVE FUN

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Fresh papaya....Mmmmmm.  Sounds like you guys are having a marvelous time.  I never made it to Maui, mostly Oahu and the big island, but one of the things I really enjoyed besides the flea markets, sunsets, warm water, is the beautiful flowers and the mountains waterfalls.  Oh, how I envy you.  I hope you stay well, eat well, and have lots of fun.  

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Wow, the weather sounds like heavan! We had 4 more inches of snow here, and 24*. Have a wonderful time.

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Have a spendid time! I am SO jealous! Not really - you deserve it! Take it all in, but don't get too tired! I will enjoy your little travelogue whenever you feel like updating! Chilly here in the northwest! Jo
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First, I have to share the best; this morning while having my tea on the lanai, looking towards the island of Molakai, I saw a whole pod of humpback whales!  They were spouting, rolling, tail slapping, and one thrust it's head way out of the water and splashed back down.  Wonderful start for the day!

Having a splendid time is wearing me out!  Did some shopping, got new capris, visited Starbucks and bought some of their new Hawaii gift cards.  While waiting for my friend to get her drink, the heat in there got to me and the vertigo and fatigue hit pretty hard, even with 100 mg. of Provigil.

I floundered through the rest of the day, not knocking much over at the Jewelry, Gem and Craft Fair.  I really nearly fell asleep on my feet at times, even with cold water at hand and a nice chicken veggie and rice lunch.

I bought some wonderful body butters made on Maui, talked to artists from Makawao, where we plan on going while we're here.  My roommate bought some nice precious gem pendants for me to turn into gorgeous necklaces for her.  The artists were really friendly, nice to talk to.  One was from Seattle; I meet a lot of people from the Pacific Northwest over here.  The woman selling the body butter and soaps has a daughter in Portland!

My roommate had some flowers sent to her office; she'll start using the computer for some work stuff tomorrow.

I'm trying to stay cool and not get all wobbly and spinny and tired.  I don't know whether to take 200 mg. of Provigil tomorrow, or just take a day to read and lie in bed (I posted a picture of the view from my bed when the curtains are opened).  We really aren't making any concrete plans; don't want to rush and wear ourselves out.

I hope everyone's OK, don't have much energy for reading the forum and seeing how things are going.

Hawaiin Hugs,


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Wow, Kathy, it sounds so beautiful!!  Hawaii has always been one of my dream places I want to go.  Maybe one day....................

Take it easy and enjoy yourself!!

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Sounds so wonderful!  I wish I could go to Hawaii have always wanted to go!  Have fun for me!  Sounds like a dream vacation!  Lynette
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I am posting this stuff to share my experiences so that you can see some of what I'm seeing.  I wish I could transport you here so you could experience it yourselves.  

I've been blessed to be able to go on these trips; I'm on Social Security Disability and only dreamed of such things, never thinking I'd actually go.  Then I found a friend with timeshares and generosity, and was able to visit wonderful places.

Had a wonderful lunch today and the Cafe O' Lei in Wailuku today, then got so overheated that all I wanted to do was come back and lie down (posted a picture).  Luckily, my roommate was tired, too.  She's getting over work stress and working through pain issues.

The whales were active again today; this time we saw them as we were driving to Wailuku.  A boat going out to whale watch had to stop dead because there was a whole pod of them cavorting in front of it.

This was the hottest and clearest day so far, and I'm very tired, my arms weak and brain not real clear.  But it was so beautiful out there, with the sun dancing off the waves, the greenery, historic buildings, etc.

I'll try and post some pictures of hibiscus or other lovely flowers, trees, plants, surfers, and all that good stuff.



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kathy..... i enjoy so much reading about your trips. thank you! you know I want to see as many pictures as possible, too, right? :)
have a lot of fun!
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Thank you!  The plan is to head south today, to Kihei, Wailea, and Makena.  I should have some great new pictures from there.  Down at a park near Makena, there were a lot of feral cats in the past that I've gotten pictures of.  They were all really healthy, so I think they are taken care of, vet care, spay/neuter for those they can trap, etc.

The sand down there is like talcum powder!

It's only a little after 8 am over here, so I'm just getting started.  I'll be makin the pancakes this morning; banana pineapple coconut macadamia nut.  I'll probably just put sliced bananas on top, but we also have pineapple syrup.

The pictures I've been posting have been taken with my cell phone; we'll take lots with the digital camera, too.  I'll probably post the prettiest pictures after I get home.

Good to see you!


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Your Hawaii pics are fantastic and I admit I am VERY jealous sitting up here in freezing cold northern Alberta.  No warm gentle breezes up here, just frigid subarctic temps.  When I meditate today I will listen to my ocean sounds CD, close my eyes and picture the beautiful Pacific at sunset.  Thanks for sharing your experience.  I am so glad for you that you have the good fortune to take this holiday.  
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db, I hope your meditation was soothing.  Didn't mean to make you feel jealous, just wanted to share the beauty and fun.  I wish I could post a video of the sunset with the sound of the waves and the conch shells blowing to greet the sunset.

Today was fun; my pancakes were kind of funny-looking, but tasted great.

We headed for Kihei, and had a great time stopping and checking out some of the roadside parks where people swim, surf, play in the water, etc.  We stopped at another one of my favorite health food stores, where I bought one of their healthy cookies that are the size of a salad plate.

We ate lunch at Maui Tacos; I had a burrito with MahiMahi, black beans, rice, salsa, whole wheat tortilla, etc.

Next stop, Big Beach by Makena.  The feral cats that lived there before were no where in sight, but the park was lovely, the beach like I remembered it, with lots of people but plenty of room.  I found out that there's a little beach nearby that's clothing-optional, didn't go there!

My roommate set out our tatami mats, took pictures with her good camera, while I waded in the surf and tried to find some shells. I was facing the ocean when a larger wave hit, and went right up my shorts and soaked my underwear and my shorts from the inside.

I went back to drink some water, and my roommate said that i needed to lie down and look up at the clouds with my sunglasses on.

I did, and agreed that it was really nice.  Just as I was closing my mouth from telling her that, a shadow passed over me and something hit my face, just below my lip.  Yes, a bird poo ped on my face, narrowly missing my mouth.  I didn't have any kleenex or anything, so I had to clean it off with my shirt.

We both laughed so hard that other people started laughing!  I know I didn't get any poo in my mouth, but I kept feeling like I had.  I rinsed my mouth, ate half of my oatmeal carob chip cookie, and finally felt normal, but we still laugh about it at odd times.  I called my catsitter/friend and told here, and she laughed until her asthma kicked in and i apologized.

On the drive back, we saw more whales, one so close in that we could see it clearly, how huge it was.  It rolled above the water, then did a tail slap.  Awesome!

Until the next installment,

Be well,


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In some cultures it's good luck when a bird poops on you.

You are definitely having better luck than the rest of us, because you're there and we're not.  lol
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I'll take that!  Maybe I'll go lie on the beach again and try for some really excellent luck!

This is definitely a good start for 2009.  One of my friends said that she will celebrate the New Year on January 20.  Life is good.

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I am so happy you are getting such a wonderful start on 2009. May the rest of this year be this wonderful for you. Hope you are taking lots of pictures to share with all of us.
Just contiue to relax, and enjoy the sun and the beach..

I am sening you hugs{{{~!~}}}, I am sure they'll reach you just fine, yeah, my hugs are that strong, it's one thing I can still manage :-)

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