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Are these MS Symptoms?

I'm 22 now and I've had some weird symptoms all my life that have never really altered the way I live but have been frustrating none the less.  I've started wondering more and more if it could possibly MS.  
When I was around 12 I started noticing symptoms similar to Raynauds where some fingers would go completely white and numb when my hands got cold.  It's not always the same fingers and I've had this ever since.  I've never gone to the doctor about this and chalked it up to bad circulation.  No idea if this is related but I saw some things saying the MS and Raynauds symptoms might be coordinated.
When I was about 16 I started getting numbness in my left thigh.  I was diagnosed with Meralgia Paresthetica since I had the pretty standard symptoms but I've never really had a reason for getting it (I'm young, very active and in good shape, don't sit around too much, and I don't wear a lot of tight clothing).  I get it the worst when I'm very active in the summer and it comes on swiftly while walking ranging from numbness to shooting electrical pains.  Sitting down gives very quick relief actually.  When its getting bad in the summer I can't be standing more more than about 30 min without having to sit down for a couple min to let my leg "reset".
Since about 16 I've also had urinary incontinence.  I've talked to the doctors a little about it with not much help. I'm pretty sure its more on the side of urge incontinence though.  One minute I'll be fine and the next I feel like if I don't get to the bathroom in 15 sec I'll pee myself. It's gotten much worse lately as well.  The mornings are always a struggle to get to the bathroom in time.
A couple months ago I started getting this pain in my chest right above my sternum and pretty center.  Its very off and on and ranges from I can sorta feel it to I have to stop for a second because I feel like my chest is cramping and it just catches me off guard.  I was diagnosed with costochondritis and given a month supply of 15mg Meloxicam to knock it out, which I was told I should only have to take two weeks of pills.  Now the two weeks are up and I'm still taking the medicine daily with the same symptoms getting just as bad spikes of pain as I was getting before.  The pain definitely feels like it's muscle related and at the surface.  But it hasn't migrated much from the center part of my chest below the collar bone.  Maybe a little to the left but not wrapping around to the sides or back at all.
Just a couple months ago I started developing numbness in my left foot which eventually turned into mild foot drop.  I went to a neurologist for an EMG and he told me to stop crossing my legs.  Having done this has dramatically improved everything.  I still have a little weakness and some numbness but it took about 4 days in total to improve so much.  He said I might be genetically predisposed to nerve impingement.  Could a predisposition cause a lot of the other symptoms?

Other than that I've always been known as the clumsy, durpy person among my friends.  Not necessarily saying that's medical, but it's just always been a part of my life.

I just need some answers. I'm going to a doctor soon about all of this (mostly my prevailing chest condition) but right now I've been getting worked about about it all way too much.  
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Hi and welcome,

I really don't think you've mentioned anything from my understanding, that would be suggestive of a neurological condition like MS. Whilst Meralgia Paresthetica is nerve related, it is a nerve compression response, peripheral neuropathy (pinched nerve) of the Lateral Femoral Nerve, which is basically not the same as what happen's in MS.

Your don't mention there being abnormal clinical signs from your neurological tests and if your neuro has determined your foot numbness, is the nerve compression response from sitting, which also happen's even without crossing your legs. It probably means you didn't have any clinically abnormal test results (including any other test results you may have had eg MRI etc) to otherwise explain it, because If it had of been more than a temporary compression response, there would of been some evidence of this specific muscular weakness or paralysis.    

Costochondritis can take weeks and weeks to get over, it's fairly common condition that is associated with some chronic medical conditions eg rheumatoid but it's more often a stand alone diagnosis. Costochondritis is inflammation of the cartilage where ribs attach to the breastbone (sternum) and this is a different issue to what you've possibly read about in MS.

In MS a similar issue commonly known as the MS Hug, when located in the ribs is due to the intercostal muscles (muscles between each rib) spasming and basically not allowing the ribcage to expand and contract correctly. This causes a tight constricting or banding feeling that partially or fully surrounds the torso and it is associated with spinal cord lesions.

Unary issues are extremely common in women because of the physiology of out bodies, hormones, being sexually active, pregnancy, type of underwear, weight etc etc increases the likelihood of unary track infections (UTI) during a women's life time. Urge issues off the top of my head are commonly due to pelvic floor strength, UTI's and even behavioural habits but if you are experiencing UTI symptoms i would suggest seeing your doctor about it as you may require antibiotics.

I honestly think these are non MS issues......is it possible because of the similarities of the issues you've mentioned and googling, you've come across similar MS related issues and may have inadvertently become worried about MS?

IF so, please try to not worry to much that these issues have to mean they are more than what they are, most symptoms you look up online will bring up MS, simply because there are many medical conditions with similar or the same symptoms as those associated with MS but it is not MS....    


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