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Are we really aging and how much???

Ok, I'm 28 yrs old.  I just thought about this aging thing the other day.  My nuero said nothing about this, and I new nothing about MS other than thinking I will be in a wheelchair one day.  So how does the aging thing progress?  I'm really scared about this.  It's like all the things I could never imagine happening to me are actually happening now.

Yep, I am not invincable.  Who woulda known???  I was on meth. (ice) for 9 yrs.  Been sober for 3 1/2.  Took a dope charge for my then boyfriend.  Ended up doing 2 yrs on a 5 yr sentence in prison.  I have been out for almost a yr.  Doing absolutly amazing in my recovery.  Haven't messed w that stuff since 1 month before I went to prison.

It's like, right when I am finally growing up ( started the meth at 18 yrs, and pretty much stayed at a teenage mentality)  I find out I have MS.  My dad is so strong, best dad ever in the whole wide world!  But I saw him crying in the garage by himself the other day.

I think this is much harder for our fam. than for us sometimes.  That is what makes me the sadest.  After my dad finally see's me doing well and getting my **** together, this happens.  He doesn't know I saw him crying.  He is amazing support for me.  So is my momma.  Amazing people!  

Now what was the whole point of me starting this " question"?  Did I even ask a question?  Cause I don't remember.  LOL!!!    Oh yeah, the ging thing.  Will I get wrinkles soon?  What can I use on my face to help with that?  What about my bones?  Because I am aging, will I possibly start getting diseases and disorders, that older people get?  No offence to anyone.

Thanks you guys,

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I hear that!!!!
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Hummm, this whole aging subject reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my husbands relatives earlier this month while we were on vacation.

This mid 30 something woman exclaimed rather loudly when I told her I had MS that she thought it was an old persons disease.  Not sure she believed me when I said that most women dx 20's to 40's.

Lots of misconceptions out there. Sometimes really tiring trying to explain that I am not dying nor will I be in a wheelchair the next time they  see me. Sigh.

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Thanks again to all of you!  I love all your posotive views on everything!  
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I know you serious but ROFL!

Who on earth is giving you this mythical garbage about MS, one of our biggest annoyances is people saying "but you look so good" lol maybe there is a wacky expectation of us all being wrinkly old prunes, cause MS has su-cked the vitality out of us lol.

Genetics and life style, i've always looked 10 years younger than my age, bit of a problem in my younger years. Theres nothing nice about being heavily pregnant and mistaken for being a child but heck i'm reaping the benifits of it now so i'm not complaining lol

If you want honesty, you have more chance of 'abnormal' aging from your prior drug habbit than you do from having MS, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it. No one can change their history but your future in unwritten, do your life with your best interests in mind and you'll get there in the end. :-)


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Yes avoid the sun as much as possible and when you must be exposed to it, use a broad spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide or tinanium dioxide.  I sound like an infomercial.  Use it year round, even on cloudy days.  The sun is the most aging thing for our skin, with smoking a close second.  Get a prescription strength retinoid (eg; Retin-A)  It's the only topical treatment that has been scientifically proven to rebuild collagen and reduce wrinkles, and it's cheaper than most dept store treatments that make baseless claims.  I wish I had started using it in my 20s.  It's easier to maintain the collagen you already have than to rebuild it.  Haha, now I really sound like an infomercial.  

google Paula Begoun, she has a great website with great info on anti aging skin care.

OK, end of infomercial.
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Kel, everyone has given you brilliant and loving words of advice and shared their knowledge.  They are so right- MS doesn't take any extra days from our lives.  

If you want to know about aging-  I think we get a good clue by looking at our parents and how they have aged.

Take care of your skin, don't bake in the sun, and use moisturizers.  Those are all good steps.

There are so many things to worry about with this MiSerable disease, isn't there?  As you get used to knowing your have MS, those worries will quiet a bit.  In the meantime, keep asking your questions and we'll answer them as best as possible.

hugs, Lulu
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When I first heard the word MS I thought now all this bad stuff will happen. I will get everything everyone has described. I got really depressed.

Then I found out each of us is different. We do not all get the same exact things happen. Catching it at your age you may have little disability.

I always wanted to ride horses so I put an add for a riding instructor. Now a year later I ride and spend my spare time at the barn in exchange for lessons. I am going to do tree climbing next. I went on a hot air balloon. I go hiking, shorter trips than I used to.

Look up Wendy Booker. She is extreme but she does some cool stuff.

Every young person gets to the point they realize they are mortal. The point is to live the best you can, adapt and enjoy every moment you can.

I was talking to a friend today. I said it is not about years ticking by it is about all the great moments that make up a life time. Forget the bad and collect as many great moments as you can. That is what it is all about.

I no longer wait for the other shoe to drop. I am dancing every moment on this short trip that is life.

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You will age, just like everyone else.  Genetics and how much you take care of yourself probably has the most influence on how well you age.

Every parent hurts for their children. Since this is all so new to you I am guessing your family is as unfamilar with this as you are.  Please share this site with them and let them know your life expectancy is virtually the same as someone with out MS.

DMD's (disease modifying drugs) have helped people with MS lead relatively normal lives.  Yes, we face challenges many don't but for me, it's helped me prioritize my life.

I could get killed in a car crash a month from now. Nothing is guarenteed or for certain.

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No no no no no! Where did you get that idea?

You are aging because everyone is aging. Consider the alternative. But those with MS are not aging faster or slower than anyone else. You are 28, and you should look like 28. Don't smoke, take care of your skin and hair, keep fit and a good weight, and you will look your age or maybe younger for a long time.

MS has nothing to do with aging. We will likely live as long as anyone else. Please don't fret, and just be thankful for your wonderful dad. I have read that those addicted to drugs stop maturing emotionally at the age they started the drugs, so the only way you want to catch up is on the maturity scale.

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