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Atkins diet and MS?

I have been on atkins for 3 years, diagnosed with MS 6 months ago.  Anyone try the diet?  I feel great with enough energy to drag myself to the gym on a regular basis.   Wondering if anyone has had succsess.  
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Hi Jon,

I'm not on a diet (can't do the high protein atkins type w/my kidney stone'd past), but like others mention try to watch my carbs.  

Fluid greatly aggrevates my spasticity. I sure do feel better when I'm not bloated and suffer when I indulge. But, I still do it from time-to-time like a gluten for punishment..ha/ha.

Glad you are able to drag to the gym ...you best keep those scuff wounds from draggin clean though - ha/ha..just kidding
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I love it. I feel much better following a low carb diet. By following it I am able to control my type 2 diabetes and not take ANY medication for it. And I feel better and have more energy. Not enough, LOL, but more than when I eat lots of carbs. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight, depending of course on each persons individual health problems.

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I'm not on Atkins, but I do practice low carb, and eat a fair amount of fish, and a little poultry now and then (organic, only!)  Red meat I save for special occasions.  But FORGET white flour and white sugar and ALL the fakes (as a nod to the Aspartame thread).  Stevia just tastes nasty to me. I eat a heap of low glycemic index veggies and fruit the rest of the day.

If I  do crave something sweet, then unrefined real cane sugar is the only thing I'll bake with.  Whole Spelt flour is far less allergenic than yer basic white,  enriched, nothingness.

Guitar_grrrl (grow yer own!)
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I did try Atkins.  I was on it for about a year.  I did feel slightly better than I did off of it during that time period.  However, what made the biggest improvement with the fatigue & everything else was the Provigil.  Also, the Copaxone helped with slowing down the MS and eventually I was able to walk without pain in my feet.
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I was eating low carb when I was dx'd.  I wondered if it was the diet that cause my Optic Neuritis!  That was before I understood ON.

I am back on low carb just to try and take care some of the bloating I have trouble with.  I figured out if I give my injection in my leg rather than my stomach it helps some.

At least my tummy is not sore!

LA dx'd
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I tried that diet years ago... many years ago.. and can't remember what I thought of it... it's still around though eh..

maybe I'll look it up again

take care
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